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Oracle Report 8/31/23: September Astrology Report

September is gearing up to be a massive month of energetic shifts. Cosmically, we will have 6-7 planets in retrograde throughout the month of September which is giving us unprecedented energy to work with for internal breakthroughs, transformation and embodiment of Higher Self.

This month is a month of solitude and preparedness. I know many of you First Wavers are feeling lonely, exhausted, confused and frustrated. I have also been feeling this for the past few weeks. Source + the Galactics have given me the message that we are close to the finish line. The amount of energy, obstacles, interference and resistance we have taken on is worthy of Galactic Honor and Praise for the entire Ground Crew Team on Earth. A big cosmic Gold Star has been given to all First Wavers for their perseverance and tenacity. However, we do not have much time to rest, as we are being called bath to the forefront this Fall for the Accelerated Transition.

From my personal downloads, I spoke about how we are wrapping up Phase 1 of the Ascension Mission, and moving to Phase 2. Phase 1 Mission (2012-2023), is wrapping up our first wave of lessons + tests that began during the Zero Point Phase (2001-2012). Phase 2 will begin upon the activation of the Crystalline Timeline on 11/11, making the Higher Timeline the most dominant. This will rapidly intensify the collapse of the 3D Grid and Matrix. By December of 2023, we anticipate the Transition to be underway.

This month, the guidance for First Wavers is to focus solely on your healing + wellness, spiritual immune system, focus, centeredness and embodiment. This is the true Storm Preparation as we prepare for the Energetic Storm that will begin in October during Eclipse Season. Solitude, self-love, spiritual disciplines, and energetic readiness will be our focus throughout September.

Beginning on September 3rd, Venus will station direct in Leo at 12 degrees. Venus has been retrograde since July 22nd. The Solar Goddess has been pulling us deeply within to discover all lost parts of Self. Self-love and acceptance was the focus, as Venus pulled the power of the Sun deep into the hidden crevices of our inner world. Lost or hidden parts of Self were resurrected and brought back into integration. With Venus now moving direct, we are ready to shine these parts of Self out into the world, without shame or guilt. We are no longer hiding, no longer afraid to be seen.

The following day, September 4th, Jupiter the Spiritual Mother, will go retrograde at 15 degrees Taurus. She now joins Mercury, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, + Pluto in retrograde. Jupiter is expansion of Spirit, connection, adventure, wisdom and experience. With Jupiter retrograde, we are going to experience a visceral expansion of the embodiment of Spirit. As Taurus rules Mother Earth, abundance, land, food, etc., we will be bursting from within with a newfound sense of groundedness, inner abundance, and self-worth. Many may be experiencing weight gain around this time. Do not try and fight against the body, but understand our bodies are anchoring in our full essences/Higher Self, and the body often needs to expand at first in order to anchor this in.

On September 13th, Pallas Athena, the goddess of skill, diplomacy, and the intelligence of battle, will move into Libra. She joins Mars + the South Node, bringing us the Divine Justice energies. Pallas Athena will be outsmarting the Dark and all of their attempts to continue to evade accountability, correction, and justice. On the same day, Vesta, the goddess of the home and hearth will enter Cancer. We will be stoking the flames of our hearts, taking care of our families and children, and ensuring that our homesteads are protected. This will be uniting Humanity, by caring about eachother and looking out for one another throughout this time.

On September 14th, we will have the New Moon in Virgo at 21 degrees. The number 21 in the tarot represents The World-Completion. This New Moon will set our path for the highest states of physical healing + alchemy, as the First Wavers pave the way for the rest of Humanity to begin their Awakening . The 3D medical system will begin feeling the tension, as Virgo becomes the guiding light for 5D healing through holistic remedies, elemental healing, physical alchemy, and the detoxing of toxins + poisons. As the masses begin to awaken, much density will need to be purged from their physical bodies, and the Galactics are ensuring a smooth healing transition.

The following day, September 15, we have Mercury finally going direct at 8 degrees Virgo. During this retrograde, we have been re-wiring our mental bodies in order to ensure our mental body healing. We have to reprogram our self-talk, dissolve self-criticism, shame, guilt, or any lower thought forms such as savior/victim thinking, negative thinking, and fear thinking. All of these thought forms create illness and Mercury retrograde is calling for a deep purging of these mental distortions. With Mercury direct, our focus can now move to clearing and cleansing our environments, as well as having clarity on our next steps and plans of action.

On September 21st, we officially begin "Fall" under the Fall Equinox. This Equinox will be closing the chapter on the old story and beginning the new story. This Equinox opens up the Stargates for increased amounts of pulses and energy waves to penetrate our cells from the Galactic Central Sun. This Equinox marks the splitting of the timelines and between "life" and "death" consciousness. We will see the rapid intensification of the splitting between those in 3D and 5D.

On September 23rd, the Sun will enter Libra and we will be under a Libra Stellium between the Sun, Mars and South Node (as well as Pallas Athena). The Libra archetype will come into focus. What many don't understand about the archetype of Libra is that they are a sign of extremes. Libra is commonly known by the scales, the sign of balance. Libra season occurs during Fall, when one energy is slowly dying, transitioning out. It is a season of both dark and light. In order to find balance, Libra must first understand the extremes. It does so by embodying the extremes of dark and light, and slowly shedding away what is not pure, and what is not of love. Eventually, Libra finds the center point. During this Libra Season, we will be experiencing the extreme polarities between Dark and Light, so that we are very clear on them. This may be a time of extreme imbalance, so we are all called to hold the center point.

Finally, on September 29th, we have a Full Moon in Aries at 6 degrees. This is a final release point of any wounds or blockages that are preventing the archetype of Aries from blossoming within the collective. As we have both Chiron + the North Node transiting here, we are all being called into our Divine Warrior essences. To heal the wounds around being powerless, submissive, enslaved and oppressed. We now are called to rise up in our sovereignty, our God with God selves, and to finish this Spiritual Battle once and for all.

These powerfully transformative energies of September are preparing us for The Storm, which I anticipate to come in October where we have major celestial events, as well as Eclipse Season. We are almost there everyone, hold steady!

Hope and I will continue to give everyone energetic updates on the Cosmos in the upcoming months. If you would like to tune into our Written in the Stars Show, please subscribe below:

We will also be hosting many Seminars this month to energetically prepare the First Wavers for the Fall energy. If you would like to join any of these Seminars, visit our Home Page:



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