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The Daily Disclosure SHOW

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New Series: Written in the Stars 

We have officially completed 7 Seasons of our Truth + Triggers series in the last 2 years! We have covered everything from disclosure, to ascension, to pop culture, energy, ascension, galactics etc. We have laughed with you guys and had the opportunity to share a lot of our personal stories and journey.


We are now filming Season 2 of our new series, Written in the Stars! We are shifting our focus from where have been to where we are headed. Hope has been studying + mastering Human Design for the last 4 years as well as the Gene Keys by Richard Rudd for the last 3 years. I have been studying and practicing Astrology for over 15 years and we both are passionate about utilizing these modalities to help us better understand our humanness, the Ascension, + the cosmic support we are being given by Source.


Written in the Stars will focus on sharing our wisdom + teachings of Human Design, Gene Keys + Astrology to help all of us better understand our blueprints, archetypes + purpose here in this Ascension process. We will also cover upcoming transits, shifts in energy, and how to work with the stars to create our dreams into reality.


We are now filming Season 2  of our new Series with discussing the big shift in energetic templates that is occurring between 2023-2027, the transformation of the Astrological Archetypes, + more!

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