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Winter Solstice Update: The Final Initiation

As we are now within the window between the 12/12 Portal + the Winter Solstice, we have entered a sacred passage. As we shared in our previous update, the 12/12 Portal Heralded a New Moon in Sagittarius which was lighting the path for a new journey of TRUTH, divine revelations, and the Great Remembering. The Winter Solstice each year occurs during the darkest part of the year as the Sun transitions into Capricorn. 


As we know, we are currently in the Eye of the Needle transit as Pluto will hit the critical 29th degree of Capricorn on the Winter Solstice. The critical degree always brings about a collective crisis of sorts, as Pluto rules over our deeply buried subconscious and psyche. The following is a beautiful excerpt from a fellow astrologer on this 29th degree ingress: 


Frederick Woodruff also considers the 29th degree: “Experience has taught me that planets at the 29th degree have a near-manic power … If the zero point of a sign is raw and filled with limitless potential, the final 29th degree has an effulgent, near-to-bursting expression about it.”


Pluto first came to 29° Capricorn in February 2023 and retrograded back to that degree in mid-June. At that time, Frederick wrote: “Pluto returning to Capricorn is akin to the penultimate moment in The War of the Worlds, where the aliens are in a balls-out crusade to wipe out whatever structures are resistant to their mission.”


Here is his sage advice: “On the personal level, there’s only one way to accommodate Pluto as it loiters in the late degrees of the sign — poking at and disturbing the shaky yet seemingly stable ‘routines’ and ‘habits’ that comprise our lives….And that’s to practice a form of energetic aikido, where the planet’s cleansing/destructive Shiva force is embraced and enacted. Not so much beating it to the punch but falling into accord with it.


“What I mean is, don’t leave it to your unconscious to rummage about like a blind man, attempting to compensate for the incoming disruption — where you unknowingly recreate limits or new versions of the same ole shit. Evolve: consider the possibility of becoming consciously proactive.”



As Pluto rules the beginnings and endings of eras, the end of this era in Capricorn is bittersweet. Since 2008, Pluto has been collapsing both the internal + external enslavement codes and structures that have swallowed our world into a black hole of capitalism, patriarchal control, and suffering. As Pluto hits the anaretic degree on the Solstice, two paradigms will come head to head-Pluto in Capricorn + Pluto in Aquarius. Coupled with this intensity, we have Mercury currently in retrograde at 8 degrees Capricorn, moving back through the earliest degrees of the sign while Pluto holds down the fort at the final degree. The Sun will join this Capricorn team, shining light on all remaining aspects of the old world that must come to the surface. 


The following is an excerpt from the Book “360 Degrees of Your Star Destiny” by Ellias Lonsdale on the 29th + 30th degree of Capricorn: 


“If you shoot high, if you aim for the stars and never let hem out of your sight, you will attain mighty vistas of seeing and knowing and being above ordinary conscious awareness. You will live a higher-frequency existence, independent of your outer life, in which you are tapped for greater purposes as a matter of course. To fulfill this destiny task in its outward ripples you will need to apprentice yourself to a path in life that tempers and steadies and matures your inherent knowingness. You will have to master a discipline, be adept in an art or science that calls forth arduous effort and striving. Only then, after the basics have been taken on, will you have the constancy and stability to forge the path that is in you and make it in some small measure a reflection of you are spiritually and cosmically, all the time. Everything about it is a tall order. You ask a lot of yourself. Yo demand that you obey the law of destiny all the way through.” 

As Pluto exits his era of Capricorn, we are called to answer to him. Did we learn the lessons? Did we transform? Those who did not learn the lessons of this transit will begin facing the karmic backlash. Remember, karma is NOT bad nor is karma personal. Karma is an energetic force of the Universe which requries correction. Under this Capricorn era, the karmic lessons was to be disciplined, to perservere in the face of every challenge, to stay in integrity, and to be aligned with Universal Law (which Capricorn rules). We had to solidify our foundations of integrity, discipline, and right action so upon Pluto's entrance into Aquarius, we can now be free to let loose and break outisde of the box. In essence, you first have to know the rules + how to follow them before you can break them.

2024 will be all about breaking the rules. But not the rules of the Universe, the Universal Laws that govern all of Creation, no. This will be about breaking every man made rule that was instituded by the EGO programmed mind in order to control and enslave Humanity. Every rule which goes against the laws of God, nature and love will be destroyed.



We are entering the final initiation between now and the opening of 2024. Once the era of Pluto in Aquarius begins on January 20th, we are in a new game, an entirely new frequency and we MUST match that frequency. We have had about a month to adjust to the Crystalline Timeline activation on 11/11, which has been pushing us to purge all remaining physical, emotional, mental and spiritual toxins that are keeping us chained and limited to the old world. We are now being called to activate + embody our Crystalline Templates. 


This Crystalline Template is based on higher frequency coding that will elevate our physical/emotional/mental/spiritual bodies into a much higher octave of light. The Crystalline Template will override the Carbon Template, and we will replaced the slavery codes with sovereignty codes. We all innately carry this template but have been awaiting the Divine Signal to activate this. This also includes the activation of our dormant God DNA codes and our Higher Self essences, as well as our innate gifts and talents we carry. 


This month, we will be hosting our Angel Chip Activation Seminar on December 20th, just before the dawning of the Winter Solstice. The cosmos are supporting this template activation as well as our Angelic DNA codes. During this Seminar we will also be discussing the Crystalline Template, as well as the spiritual tools and techniques we can begin implanting to activate this + sustain this template. We are ready for JOY, love, peace, creativity, expression, and connection on a much higher frequency level. We will complete the activation on December 27th, just after the Full Moon in Cancer assists us with the final cleansing of all grief, heartbreak, and heart chakra wounding. 


For those who wish to participate in the Angel Chip Activation process, we will be hosting a group Activation Seminar on 12/20.




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