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The Oracle Report 9/9/22: The Harvest is Here

Now we find Ourselves in a courtyard, blooming flowers, iridescent scents and sights. We beat the sound of an almighty drum as the wind rustles the grasses around us, stirring, Awakening the depths of Our souls. As we breathe in the atmosphere of this courtyard, we immerse ourselves deep within the sacredness of Gaia, the process our Mother has undergone, the weeds and scorched Earth that came before the blossoming we now behold is what gives the depth and richness to the soul. We whisper Our promise, to tend this Garden, to tend the precious blossoms of Our Hearts so sacred connection can be honored.

The metaphor of the blooming garden is a mirror of the neurological process underway within our brains and wider vessels, the blackened channels are the weeds to be pulled. We must gaze upon our own consciousness as a whole hearted gardener gazes upon a courtyard to tend. Careful to observe what does not support the flourishing and beauty, three wholeness of our Mother.

Bold, brave and brilliant vision is called forth now from Gaia's children. The Pioneers of childlike imagination and Heavens Grandness are invited to take the reigns and to direct your energy into the Creation of the New Earth, a New Paradigm of Love Everywhere Present. Thank you for your whole heart commitment to evolve and ascend to a state of balance, harmony and love.

As we approach the Full Moon in Pisces on September 9th/10th, 2022, we are in a passageway that is unclear, foggy, and confusing. The 9/9 Portal Energies always bring us completion of some kind. An old chapter has to close for a new one to begin. Whatever path we were on, its no longer clear to us where we are headed. We have lost our way, or maybe we are just finding it. This Full Moon, the following day, is also known as the Harvest Moon. The Harvest Moon brings in our bounty, the seeds we have been sowing for the last year begin to reap and we are left with the manifestations of our own doing. The question is, do we like what we’ve reaped?

The Harvest Moon is also occurring in the sign of Pisces, the final sign of the zodiac, bringing us an added heaviness of letting go, and coming to terms with a truth that has been hidden from us. Pisces holds a dual energy within its sign-the two fishes. This is both sides of the coin of which Pisces rules which is the unseen realms. One one hand, we have the fantasy, illusions and distortions which cloud our perception and convince us of a reality that is but a figment of our mind. The unseen energies which lurk beneath the surface are clouded and veiled so we cannot see what’s really going on. On the other hand, Pisces also rules the unseen magic, the limitless possibilities that exist within the realm of the ONE. All things blend together, in a cauldron of limitless potential. It is only through our own connection with this vast beauty do these possibilities become realties.

No matter which end of the coin you have been operating on, something will come to light under this luminous Moon. The Full Moon is conjunct its native ruler, Neptune, the Goddess of the Water. Neptune holds the oceans of consciousness & unconsciousness within its grasp, as well as the powers of the water element-emotions, feelings, dreams, visions, & healing. With all this foggy, watery energy, we are going to feel like we have lost all sense of center. We are now simply at the mercy of the tides of the cosmic ocean and we must surrender to that. Neptune seeks to cleanse us of all that is not real, all that is not true.

This Full Moon is not squaring Mars in Gemini directly, however Mars is definitely throwing a curve ball into the psychic waters causing a massive disturbance in the collective psyche. The unseen, unhealed, and unacknowledged energy within all beings is being stirred, and this is creating mass psychosis as the wells of unconscious energy bubble to the surface. We either surrender to this cleansing and release, or we will fight the waves and ultimately lose. The Divine Mother will drown us in her unconditional love or we will flow within it, that is our choice. Harsh realities are going to be seen, lies, distortions and all things that do not align with pure WHOLE TRUTH will be washed away in the tsunami of 5D frequencies from this Full Moon.

The following day, Mercury is going to go retrograde in the sign of Libra, the scales of balance, justice, and beauty. The messages delivered during this time will not be pretty, nor will they be sugarcoated. The divine truths of this Mercury retrograde will bear witness to the deep imbalances within our collective societies, the injustice that has been placed upon us, and in the very Libra-like fashion, justice will be served in a velvet glove, with grace and strength.

Uranus & Saturn are continuing their square, rising the tensions within our Global Consciousness in the realms of Taurus (finance, resources, stability, & land) and Aquarius (humanity, oneness, co-operation, innovation). These two will continue their battle for a few more months, forcing each realm to come to terms with the other. No longer can Humanity be enslaved in the name of greed, politics, and agendas. No longer can Mother Earth be used for the takers to bolster their pockets and their control. Humanity must stand up for Mother Earth and themselves, no longer to be passive and docile in the face of unrelenting enslavement.

This week will end off with the 9/11-the most infamous day of our modern history. 9/11 created the Zero Point for Humanity, as the consciousness plummeted from the atrocities that were instituted upon us. The truth of this day has yet to be fully revealed and continues to poke at the scars we hold as a collective. The wound has yet to heal because the full, whole truth has yet to be disclosed. How much longer can we, as a collective, bear the burden of unhealed wounds as Humanity refuses to look at their own? How much longer can those holding the light bear the brunt of the inner work that the rest of Humanity is so afraid to face? We cannot move forward, we are at a stalemate.

Now we surrender to the cosmic tides of the Divine Mother…. Mother Earth, Her body, must unleash what has been held back. The cleansing must begin if we are to unite together as One. There is nothing to do, nothing to accomplish, and nothing more to prove. Surrender is all we can be. To all the lovers & givers of the Earth-grab your life jackets and brace for impact.


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