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The Oracle Report 9/26/22: We Have Arrived at the Collective Tipping Point

We are reaching the pinnacle, the apex, the tipping point. All of these things are the same, they are all the PRESENT MOMENT OF NOW. We are reaching this NOW, through the Fall Equinox that was on September 21st, 2022. During the Equinox, we have equal parts day and night, or equal dark and light. Many have spoken about what the “dark” is, but most are confused. When we say the Dark is not real, it is because darkness is simply a distortion of truth. It is a partial truth or half truth. The Dark is made of unawareness, which breeds denial, ignorance, and illusions. So in truth, the Dark doesn’t really exist, but only exists through our fractured consciousness, through our own perception and meaning of what we assign to these distortions.

As we entered the Balance of the Equinox, all Darkness is coming to Light. Everything that has been unseen will now be seen. What has been denied, will now be shown. What we have been ignorant of will now be in our face. The goal is not to punish or seek revenge on this “darkness”, as we would be seeking revenge on ourselves and our own distortions. It is like going to war against a shadow. Instead, we accept, embrace, and allow all that is revealed to us.

We stay in neutrality, centeredness, and peace. What is being brought forward to Humanity is the FULL whole truth, as only FULL whole truth can heal us. As this occurs, our own distortions will be made known to us, our own illusions will be shattered in the process. As the Matrix collapses, this is not just an external event, but an internal event. Our own inner Matrix=EGO Mind is now collapsing and taking with it all distortions of duality.

The concepts of good and evil, right and wrong, black and white, will now be destroyed. All is coming into Oneness. There will be no more hiding or running, for we cannot run from ourselves. Our Mother is going Home into the Light and she is taking us all with Her. We must surrender to this purification. Humanity must heal. All timelines must heal. Creation must heal.

From Kim Gould: “I mentioned last week that Chiron has shifted back into Gate 21, which people often refer to as the gate of control. It’s usual name, taken from the I Ching hexagram, is Biting Through. It’s an active process of chewing on something to get the nourishment (truth) from it. Chiron in this gate brings a renewed insight into how we want to manage our lives. It’s the quintessential you’re not the boss of me! gate.

Chiron can show us places where we got so accustomed to neglecting something that it became normal. It’s very often a family pattern, which makes it even harder to see!

Question who’s terms you are living your life on. Think sustainable rather than someone else’s idea of success. Contemplate who created the organizing principles for how you manage your daily life, and how you can reshape them.

Chiron in Gate 21 will have a huge influence on geo-politics as well. At a collective level it’s asking us to reassess the rules we all agree to live by. What’s acceptable behavior? What are our shared values? Does the Bible override the rule of law? Should we indict former Presidents? Is it okay to lock up Indigenous people without charge for fear they may rob (white) people? Is it impolite to mention the colonial habits of the British monarchy?

Chiron will be in the Gate of Biting Through (21) until 24 March. While it’s there, Mars joins it THREE TIMES. Which tells me that Mars and Chiron are having a bit of a BIG THING here.”

Since Gate/Gene Key 21 will be having such a big influence on us for these next upcoming months as a collective, below are excerpts from Richard Rudd’s book The Gene Keys about the Shadow, Gift, and Siddhi of Gene Key 21. All awarenesses are extremely insightful, and this book is written in a way that is meant to activate your DNA when you read it. The Gene Keys are a living transmission inside each one of us.

Gene Key 21: Control to Authority to Valour

Shadow: Control

“One of the major issues to plague human beings and the cause of enormous conflict and violation of basic human rights is the issue of control. All control is rooted entirely in a single theme - territory. As we shall see, there are various different ways in which we can understand territory. The first territory is yourself - the physical, emotional and intellectual confines of your own being and the boundary of your aura. If we extend that theme you might view your relationships and families as another form of territory. In turn, your home and land is obviously a further extension of your family territory. Then there is your entire community or race, the outer territory of which is made up of your nation. Finally there is the earth itself, which forms the current territory of all human beings. This constitutes a great deal of territory, which taken together creates the potential for a lot of human conflict rooted in control. Another way of looking at territory is to view your life as territory and the events of your life as the aspects within that territory that you wish to control. The 21st Shadow certainly views life like this, and it does so at a deep genetic and unconscious level. Because humanity still operates collectively at the Shadow frequency, we-are used to dividing life up into millions of individual territories and trying to control them.

When you consider that we are really a single unified organism this seems rather a ridiculous way to behave, but it is nonetheless how the world works. At the Shadow frequency everyone is a victim- the controllers are victims of their need to remain in control, and the controlled are the victims of the controllers. Wherever you find the 21st Shadow, you will find someone either too weak to control anything at all; or someone with a deep-seated need to control everything in their environment. In the past, control was about resources and food, and food depended on maintaining and defending your territory. In the modern world however, the battlefield has changed even though the genetic dynamic has not. Today the battleground is money, and this 21st Shadow has much to do with power and money.

This has been the way most societies on our planet have functioned for millennia and the greater part of the world still operates in this old way. It is the basis of our notion of royalty and ancestral lineages in families. It is only fairly recently that these archaic systems have really been questioned and are gradually losing their control and power. One of the manifestations of this decline of hierarchical control has been the rise of the middle class in the western world. However, the new rise of the middle classes does not offer a great deal more than the old system. It creates just as many problems. Families are now more cut off from each other than ever, and we have a world of every family for itself The urge to control has simply shifted venues. Control now operates most powerfully through capitalism.

The issue of control is the issue of patriarchy. Patriarchal forms of government are-the bedrock of our society, from politics to education to business. Most of those who are in control are only interested in power and money, and those who are not interested in power or money are generally too submissive to take any action. Apart from a few valiant individuals with true vision, the positions of true power on our planet are filled by those following personal agendas.

The 21st Shadow makes it seem as though you simply cannot defeat the patriarchal system, so most people's true visions for a better world are choked before they are given a chance. However, the first ripples of a new frequency are emerging in the world. As those with the 21st Gift find positions of power the balance will begin to shift, because the higher frequencies of this Gene Key are not interested in power or money or control, despite having a Gift for all three. They are really interested in serving community. Even more than this, they have the courage to enact their visions, and that will make all the difference.

There are many misunderstandings about the issue of control and power. There will always be people who are naturally gifted leaders, but at the higher frequencies they see leadership as service, which means that those who serve with them or under them are never really under them- rather they are working alongside them. The problem with the old system is not the model but the frequency of the people in the model. The moment a system has everyone in

exactly the right place, it no longer is patriarchal or matriarchal. It actually becomes synarchical. Synarchy is a model in which all people are equal but some still have more authority than others. This authority however is based upon frequency rather than fear. The reason that synarchy succeeds where hierarchy cannot is that every person in a synarchy is fulfilled by their role, regardless of how much or how little responsibility it carries.

The ultimate root of territorial divisions across our planet is distrust in life itself. This is the real human disease.

Ultimately, the only ones who will be given positions of control will be those who have given up being in control. Those people are our future leaders - in business, in government and at all levels of human society. Those of us who continue to try and hold tight control over our territories and other's lives will eventually find that we are fighting only ourselves.

Gift: Authority

Authority is a frequency that is determined by intent, If you assert authority through the hierarchical base of the 21st Shadow, then you rule through control and fear, which never inspires true loyalty. In such cases, the people around you may appear loyal, but given the right circumstances they will quickly and easily transfer their loyalties elsewhere. True loyalty can only be maintained when the frequency of love outweighs the frequency of fear. Such people are given authority by others, and this is the real meaning of authority. Authority cannot be asserted through will. It can only be afforded through trust.

Authority is a phenomenon within the auric field that takes place between one individual and another, or between an individual and a group. True authority unites rather than controls. This can be understood well by the archetype of the master and the servant, which is the bedrock of our societies. Some of the deepest relationships are formed between one person in a position of authority and another in a position that appears to be submissive. However, if both parties in such relationships are as deeply in service as each other then their relationship transcends its social stereotype of dominance and submission. In order for such relationships to work, both parties must be equally in service to the other. If this is the case, the relationship can be mutually beneficial and potentially very powerful.

The key lies in the willingness of those in submission to be represented by the one who is chosen to be the authority. As has been shown, when these relationships work at a high enough frequency, the one in authority simply becomes the conduit of the will of his or her followers. When that happens, transcendence occurs. Such relationships are founded upon kinship rather than kingship. The authority figures, as we shall see at the very highest frequencies, must remain continually in communion with those below them in the hierarchy. Only when this merging and transcending of cultural stereotypes occurs can the highest spirit incarnate into a human group.

This 21st Gene Key can be further understood when seen in the context of its wider genetic family or Codon Ring. As part of the Ring of Humanity, it forms an integral aspect of all human wounding. The sacred wound at the heart of humanity and the reason for all of our suffering can be unlocked by the Gene Keys that make up the Ring of Humanity. Hierarchy is one of the oldest human wounds and like each aspect of our suffering it can only be healed by love. To activate the higher frequencies within this Gene Key you must have great courage. It takes a powerful human being to surrender completely to another, whether through authority or submission. The fact is that surrender makes authority submissive and submission authoritative, which is precisely what heals the wound and brings an end to hierarchy and control.

Siddhi: Valour

Nobility, we have discovered, has little to do with breeding and much more to do with character. Indeed, most of our heroic myths centre on this notion of human nobility and valour. Valour then can be understood as nobility in action. It contains virtue, wisdom, love, courage and above all sacrifice. A truly valorous deed is an act of absolute self surrender in which you lay your entire being on the line for a higher ideal. In our history books, this may have been recorded as dying for King and country, but in the language of the Siddhis, it is really about dying into a Divine ideal.

To be a master - that is, a being who has attained realisation through this Siddhi - you must lead by example. You have to know the absolute horrors of living within the most tightly controlled hierarchical situations. You have to understand the human need for control and the depths of your own fear of losing control. You have to be tested by the forces that will not relinquish control, and you have to continually be subjected to external controls. Once you see that no external form of control can rob you of your true nobility, this Siddhi of Valour will finally dawn deep inside your DNA. The being that has attained realisation through this Siddhi never feels like an authority figure even though they may be. These rare people will commune with you as a friend, despite the exquisite fragrance of their state of consciousness. It is this very humbling quality within the Siddhi of Valour that creates such deep levels of human communion.

Even though the 21st Siddhi may be incredibly humble and friendly, it also packs a serious punch when threatened by the forces of fear. This is the energy field of true knighthood, symbolised by the courageous and chivalrous acts of all great heroes and heroines. These forces will fight for the highest of ideals and hold that ideal for all those who follow them. Those with this Siddhi will gladly die for, and as an example of, the highest ideal - the ideal of communion between all beings. The lives of such people become myths, often because of the sacrificial nature of their deaths. Even so, awakening through this Siddhi does not obviously foreshadow such a death - it is simply symbolic of the highest expression of this 21st Gene Key. With the advent of the 55th Gene Key and its reawakening of the spirit of romance within humanity, this 21st Siddhi is actually ushering in a new myth and a new age of chivalry.

The essence of Valour is to be found in the symbol of the male pole surrendering to the female pole. The programming partner of the 21st Siddhi is the 48th Siddhi of Wisdom, which is one of the great archetypes of the Divine Feminine. Valour therefore represents the surrender of control (symbolised by man) to trust (symbolised by woman). This surrender results in the absolute annihilation of the male force by the female force, an ancient mythic enactment contained in many ancient creation myths. This surrender of the male into the female creates a reversal of roles and poles and thus the communion is fulfilled. Ironically, it is through this divine coupling that the male force is truly empowered through its opposite. In other words, the male force is knighted and empowered only through its surrender to the female. It is important to understand that this imagery is an internal truth rather than a literal representation of man and woman. The power of Valour could thus be summarised as the courage and love that must be found within the lower self to die into the unknown world of the higher Self.”

Love is the answer and solution to all things. Stay present.

The Storm is Here.


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