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The Oracle Report 9/15/22: A Message from Mother Earth-Sophia Gaia

Updated: Sep 15, 2022

Mother Earth channeled: "I am very much alive! All of these humans obsess about far off places and planets but forget that I am right here. I have always been here. Waiting patiently for my children & guardians to acknowledge me. I am the heart of your Divine Mother. Many feel you have been abandoned by me, yet you abandoned me. My true custodians have come forward and I will bless you all with abundance of my being-which is the Heart of creation. For so many eons, i have been held captive against my will, I have been imprisoned with you. I have been raped, pillaged, cast out, put in the corner along with you. I know the pain you feel because I feel it all.

As I make my ascent to the higher plane, I am ripping all of my bandaids off. The bandaids of denial and ignorance that were placed on me in hopes that it will heal all my wounds. It will not. What will heal my wounds and trauma now is justice. My eviction notice was posted. The warning then has been made known. What follows many may mistake as cruelty or punishment, yet those are the illusions of the mind projected onto me as cruelty and punishment is what has been inflicted upon me without a second thought. Mother Earth has earned her right to heal. I am reuniting with Source, rebirthing myself from the mud into a lotus flower.

Only those who walk with me, not on me or above me, may come with. I have now entered my healing phase, for I am the heart of Creation and the ONE heart is now ready to be whole. No more heartbreak, grief, anger, pain and sadness. No. I now beat with the pulse of love, joy, unity, imagination & wonder. Humanity is now entering rehab. They must be rehabilitated in order to continue to reside with me. My body has become cancer ridden, diseased and in pain. The mind has caused this cancer which has devastated my being.

All cancer is now being removed from me-and from you. The poison of the illusion is now being pulled out. Humanity is now experiencing the first of their withdrawals-as they can no longer operate as a parasitic race. All energy sources have been cut off from them. They must learn how to survive on their own-as sovereign beings and custodians of my home. The addiction of energy is being dissolved. The parasitic mind is being starved. Those in the he art, with me, those with a self-sustaining source connection to Gaia-the Divine Mother-will receive their bounty for they have been starved of their inheritance. All lovers and givers of planet Earth will now inherit their bounty."


Collective Card Reading

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From the Starseed Oracle Deck by Rebecca Campbell

The Cosmic Heart

Devotion. Potency. Make your life a moving prayer.

When you surrender to a state of devotion, you find yourself flowing with all of life. You're being called to refocus your attention deep within: to the intelligence of your own heart. To bow with deep reverence to your inner temple. To live your life in devotion to this place. To make your life one big moving prayer.

Perhaps you've felt a bit off kilter lately, sensing that the potency of why you're doing things has gotten a little watered down or weak? Perhaps you've forgotten what made you start doing them in the first place? If so, this is your call to take a moment and reconnect with the truth at the very center of your heart. To get back to the essence of what you're about. To devote your life to what you care most about. To turn your gaze deep, deep, deep, deep.

There are seasons for harvesting and seasons for sowing. Right now, you're being called to plant your soul's seeds and sing to them with deep devotion. To feed them with the sweet waters of your own soul. To lose yourself in the potency of what it is that most

expands your heart. To live your life according to what makes you come alive, rather than what everyone else thinks. To make your life one big moving prayer.

I Remember

Soul Plan. The fated life vs the destiny life.

There was a moment before you were born when you chose the conditions of the life you're living right now. When you plotted out these exact moments along the timeline of your life.

We live in a world of free will, and therefore these moments become our destiny only through saying yes.' The fated life is the one we were born into. The destiny life is the one our soul chooses, and it takes courage and faith. If you pull this card it's because you're likely now face to face with the choice to follow the destiny life over the fated life. To trust the path your soul is calling you toward - and to remember that this moment was prearranged on your life's timeline.

You may find yourself at a crossroads. At a moment when you're being called to make a decision: to keep walking the perfectly laid out path before you or choose the one less traveled. You may be facing a change of career, a new relationship, a difficult decision, or something else that requires courage and faith.

You're being invited to remember your souls greater plan and to surrender to it. When you're confronted with a path that's undefined, it's normal for doubt to rear its head. In fact, this is a certain sign that you're facing your soul's greater plan. Every hero, in his or her life journey, comes eye to eye with doubt. The only way around it is through it. It's all part of the larger plan.

Loosen Your Grip

Coping mechanisms. Density. Addiction. Let God in.

We're cyclic beings, and Mother Earth teaches us how to be human every day with the coming and going of the tides and the seasons. If you're clinging to anything, you're resisting the natural flow of who you are. The things we cling to are so often those we most need to let go of: the food, the substances, the relationship, the job, the people pleasing.

The things we cling to often cover up our most vulnerable space - the part we’re most afraid to leave empty; the part we guard and don't let grace into. But by keeping that space covered with something that doesn't serve us, or clinging to it for fear of it not staying of its own accord, we prevent ourselves from receiving the things that will. A Course in Miracles tells us: 'Whatever we leave empty, grace will fill.' And the Buddha said: 'You can only lose what you cling to. Indeed, both are true.

If this card appears, you're being called to find the courage to loosen your grip and give up control. To release your coping mechanisms and leave space for grace and God to enter. To surrender all that feels dense to the divine.

Loosening your grip doesn't mean that what you're clinging to will go away. It may. Or it might stay. But you can be sure that what is for you, will find you. And you'll breathe easier knowing that you've shifted from relying on your own strength to surrendering to the grace of life.

Lifting The Veil

Questioning everything. Anything unaligned must go.

Things aren't always as they seem. This era is one of uncovering mistruths so we can remember ancient truths. Everything is in a state of recall and realignment. Anything that isn't in harmony with the planet will not survive.

This goes for society and the world at large as well as in our own lives. If you pull this card you're being called to energetically scan your life for things that may no longer be a vibrational match for who you are and how you've grown. To dismantle the systems and ways of being that once served you and others but no longer do.

Some Starseeds are here to lift the veil between the seen and unseen worlds. To shine a light on things that are inauthentic or unaligned with the survival and wellbeing of Earth. To stand for and protect those who don't have a voice. To look deeper and question everything that previous generations did not.

Some Starseeds cannot tolerate things that aren't congruent. They're here to bring society and humanity back into harmony with the planet and the creator at large. If we tolerate things in our life that aren't aligned and congruent with it, we add to the misalignment of the planet.

You're being called to trust yourself, notice what's out of alignment, and then take the baby steps required to bring it back into harmony. This is no easy feat, but it's so worthwhile. Both individually and for the planet.


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