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The Oracle Report 8/31/22: Pluto and The Quantum Field

What is the Quantum Field?

Quantum mechanics focuses on explaining how particles form and move within wave patterns blah blah … science jargon aside.. we each have our own quantum field that we exist in, we are a universe within ourselves.

We also exist within the ONE quantum field which is always interacting with our personal field.

The human experience, the EGO mind, the shadow self, the unhealed self, all creates distortions and illusions within the personal quantum field. This is why humanity experiences separation, like everyone is living in their own reality, because that’s exactly what it is.

Therefore, whenever your quantum field interacts with an external quantum field, you are MIRRORED back every single distortion and illusion you have within your field. That’s the video game. All of our video games appear different because they are, they are YOUR reality .. NOT true reality.

True reality is the ONE quantum field which has no distortions, no illusions, is both infinite and perfect. Timeless. Everlasting. The ONE quantum field, Source, produces nothing but miracles & divine manifestations. In true reality, everything is exactly perfect by design, and all being are connected to the ONE quantum field through their own personal field, yet they are one, there is no separation .

The game we’re playing here is you are the main character of YOUR video game. Don’t worry about what game others are playing, because you’re the only one who can beat your own game. The game you ultimately set up for yourself through your own distortions and illusions. It’s you versus you, there are no others. All are one.

This game is a pattern of repeated time loops. These time loops create external tests, challenges, events, and ultimately opportunities for you to break an old pattern and finally move up to the next level of the game. Every time you move up a level, you get closer and closer to connecting back with the ONE quantum field, where all miracles and possibilities exist.

Every distortion we break through, every program, lie, old belief system, lower emotion or behavior, we move one level closer to becoming God with God. So that Heaven on Earth may quite literally, manifest through us.

As we just passed through the incredible alchemy of the New Moon in Virgo, we went through a potent square off between Mars in Gemini (disclosure/information) & Neptune in Pisces (illusion/dreams). Every human being’s personal quantum field is being disturbed right now, as the pure whole truth seeps in to everyone’s consciousness, each individual’s delusions, distortions, & illusions are being shattered.

This Mars & Neptune square is going to continue for the next 6 months. Revelations are about to begin pouring in via the flood gates. The Galactic Federation of Light is no longer waiting for Humanity to awaken, as they have shown they have no interest in waking up. They are safe and comfortable within their ignorance, but Creation has decided to move forward.

Lastly, Pluto will be in gate/Gene Key 61 from the 5th of September until November 11th. This is going to be contributing to a massive shift in collective consciousness on the planet for the next few months. The shadow of Gene Key 61 is psychosis, the Gift is inspiration, and the Siddhi is sanctity. The section quoted below explaining in more detail about Gene Key 61 is from Richard Rudd’s book The 64 Ways. This will give more of an understanding of what collective energy is coming our way these next few months.

“OK so this is the one I am bound to land myself in trouble with. Let's just accept it - people

aren't going to be happy when I label all humans psychotic. But you know, sometimes

these people who use these words need to be taken on and challenged. It is assumed

because they have knowledge that they know more than the rest of us. But there are

truths that just need to be spoken even though it will cut those who claim to know. The

Dilemma of this whole Shadow is Knowledge. Knowledge that we learn through the mind.

Knowledge is always of the mind, and this Gene Key concerns the eventual transcendence

of the mind.

For those who don't recognize the existence of a higher world, an invisible world, a

divine world, for those who consider all states merely activations of neural pathways in

the brain and central nervous system, this will not land easily. We're all psychotic. We

are all psychotic in the sense that psychosis generally points towards a loss of touch with

ordinary reality. That's why I say we're all psychotic because we're all out of touch with

ordinary reality. We think that the world that our mind sees is the world. But the sages of

all time testify that this is untrue and that there exist planes of reality that are far beyond

what we generally refer to as 'normal’.

How far we have moved from the magical; magic is now seen as a backward

step in evolution. When I use the term magic, I'm not talking about conjuring spirits

but the ability to interface directly with the spirit of life, to feel the rush and whoosh of

power coursing through your blood, and to know that your underlying being is emptiness.

Where does all that leave the psychotic, and what does it mean for those with the 61st

Shadow? It means that there's a precarious balance to be struck. If we go too far from our

waking reality and are unable to return and integrate the experience, we may be labelled

an unstable psychotic by other psychotics. But if we don't even dare venture beyond the

terrain of the mind, but stay couched in the false sanctity of the scientific, religious, or

any other mindset, we'll be a stable psychotic.

I certainly don't aim in this contemplation to belittle our scientific understanding of the

mind, or the marvelous work done by those whose lives are given to helping people in

mental distress. My point really is that mental distress has grown because of the world that

our minds have created. Generally, when we look around, we aren't seeing a world created

by the heart but rather one by the mind. This is our civilization, that has come about

through greed, lust for power and fear of death. It's the world of the Shadow frequency,

but imagine how different the world might be if we remembered what lay beyond death.

We would quickly realize that we're accountable for our every act, thought, word and deed.

There's no escaping justice.

The message is clear - that to find wisdom we have to give up knowledge. Wisdom is

alive, vibrant, wild, spontaneous, illogical, paradoxical. Anyone can gain knowledge, but

few become wise. If we're working with this Shadow, we need to look at our systems of

thought, the thinking that we hold dear and everything we've learned. This is a journey

of unlearning. The knowledge can be useful, beautiful, and take us right to the edge, but

it can't take us over the gap, across the abyss of death.

So be gentle with yourself but crystal clear about your mind. It isn't the enemy, but it isn't

here to protect you either. We tend to use it to make ourselves feel safer, but if we don't feel safe it's because we aren't accustomed to states beyond the mind. This is why the Gene

Keys takes us there gradually, showing us how to open our heart softly and slowly, so

that the higher frequencies can change us over time. I know many people who've sought

the inner mysteries too intensely, impatiently and with too much fervor, and that's also

dangerous. It can lead to chemical overload. Higher states are not the goal. Integration

of the higher states is the goal, and that demands we be in the body, healthy and here, in

the world, even as we explore what lies beyond this world.

The secret to this Gene Key is creativity, and it's a beautiful secret. Who thought that

the key to higher consciousness lay in creativity? Perhaps we thought it was in spiritual

practice, austerities, meditation and prayer, and there's truth in that, but what lies forgotten

and for the most part neglected in our modern world is the beauty and wonder - the

healing power of creativity.

This is what inspiration is - playing with the music of creation. We can do it through dance,

art, building, gardening, cooking, any aspect of human endeavor that has at its heart

the attunement to a higher harmonic principle. To be inspired means to be filled with

breath, with life - spiro from the Latin 'I breathe’. This is the secret to how we can break

out of our psychosis, our 'stuckness’, our head-trip. We have to experience what it feels

like to be God, and so we have to learn to be a creator. In life always try and remember

this - if were feeling down, disturbed, if our mind is pursuing us, we can take up a guitar,

a trowel, a pencil, let the feeling emerge and let our soul express its longing.

The 61st Gene Key is a key of secrets. We'll see its specialness in the Siddhi, and it's

always connected deeply to the theme of death. If we have this Gene Key, our life is a

contemplation of death. We mustn't turn away from this work, and it will fill us with life.

The answers will come and the memory of the beyond will return in time. We must listen

inwardly for the music of life and let it move us in creative work. Being born in a body

is to be born wounded. Inspiration is a way of healing this wound, and as we learn to

heal it inside ourself so we'll heal it within others. They'll be drawn to us and our work;

they'll be drawn to our music.

I have one final thing to say about the 61st Gift - it's all human. It's about the meaning

of the word human. I would like to say that the word human really derives from a silent word whose meaning is ‘to let go of’. I have however made that up. But letting go is our

great theme. It is our sadness, our joy and the source of our depth. There is great grief

within humans, in our ancestry, in our forgetting. We are a sacrifice, and no matter how

much we run from it, our lives are a sacrifice for the sake of the whole, for the sake of

Gaia. This is the delicate fabric of the Ring of Gaia - that we are here to heal our hearts,

and to give our breath, our inspiration, for the sake of this beautiful planet.

The mirror of psychosis is called kenosis, a wonderful wordplay. Kenosis is the emptying

out of one's own will in order that the Divine can occupy us. I'm deeply drawn to the word because it's about becoming empty in order that one can be filled with God, with the Divine. In psychosis our mind is also occupied, but with the spirits and nebulae of the Shadow frequency realm.

If we empty ourself out but our temple is not clean we attract disturbed energies. Only if we've cleaned the inner temple can the higher emanations enter in, as even the smallest speck of fear will keep the Divine from entering. It's like the idea of the unicorn, who won't touch anything impure, and if it does, it'll die. If we wish to invite a unicorn into our stable, we can't leave even a speck of dust in there.

To court the Divine is to empty oneself out. You must supplicate yourself before life. You

can’t hide any part of your soul or your past. We’re not here to judge ourself, but to simply

see ourself for what we are. Only then can we come cleanly before the altar. The 61st Siddhi

uses this kind of inner language; it learns humility and must bow in sacrifice. It understands

Divine Justice and knows it must become impeccable if it’s to know its highest emanation.

This 61st Siddhi is a path of prayer, of supplication, of worship. Through its creative living,

its inspiration - it remembers the higher world, as flashes, as fragments. You will experience

brief moments of celestial transport. And you will then fall again and begin your work again,

But the work of being human gives you these glimpses, and the glimpses keep on leading you, encouraging you to go on climbing, to go on emptying yourself out. In this work, lifetimes do not matter. Your love of the pure, of the high places and your memory of the music you have heard, of the voice of God, will all keep leading you. This is a beautiful path to God.

The mind is not what we think it is, and it exists on its own plane of being, the mental plane.

That plane attracts and repels thought forms. The purer the thought form, the more perfect its geometry in your aura, and the less pure the thought form, the more disturbing its geometry is. Our thoughts thus arrange themselves around these forms, and it's all really musical. The music of selfishness is catastrophic in our aura. The music of sanctity is so refined and pure that it can't be missed. The aura of sanctity is a rare phenomenon. If we're able to really attune deeply to a higher being, like Christ or Buddha, or any other pure one, alive now or from the past, we'll pick up the aura of holiness. Is unmistakeable and will change us forever. It's also interesting that many with this Gene Key will live lives of irreverence - the exact opposite of the holy life, and they may even take pride in debunking that which is sacred. But the holy life is not the perfect life.

It begins with inspiration, then it becomes a life of higher striving and finally it becomes the

life of self-emptying, in which all that we have learned is released. Death is coming to us all and the 61st Siddhi has to know what that means, not out of fear but out of utter conviction. Once we’ve sipped the Divine, even for a moment, we can think of nothing else. It takes courage to follow such a path. It's a lonely, but lovely path.”

— From Richard Rudd’s The 64 Ways

This will no longer be a drip, or trickle, this will be a flood. A flood of consciousness, a flood of awakenings, a flood of truth, & a flood of pure unconditional love that cannot be stopped.


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