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The Oracle Report 8/18/22~ Explosive Integration

By the Cosmic Activation Angels

We have been in an immense process of integration as a Collective on Planet Earth = Heart. For millenia a Patriarchal Society has dominated Planet Earth, resulting in both the masculine and feminine embodying higher levels of Lower Masculine Energy. Frequencies such as control, competition, power over, judgment and intimidation have been common place in the collective unconsciousness, being embodied daily by the collective.

The Planetary Ascension process that is currently underway is a Massive effort in collective rebalancing. The feminine qualities of Nurturing, Forgiveness, Mercy, Compassion, Patience, Grace, Divine Intuition, Divine Expression, Creativity are now called forth into embodiment by the Collective of Planet Earth. All who are conscious of the requirement to integrate these Divine Qualities are known as Light Workers, those responding to the Universal Call for Evolution and Expansion.

The right side of the body is Our inner Masculine Energy and the left Side of the body is Our inner Feminine Energy. Many can recognize periods in their life when we have been more active, go, go, go focusing on doing, and pushing physical energy. Many can recognize periods in their life when we have been called to go within, reflect, nurture, heal and grow, focusing on BEing and harnessing Sacred inner energy.

This is the internal interplay between Our inner Masculine and Feminine Energy and as we progress through this journey the pendulum swing from one to the other is getting smaller until both are fully integrated into an Expression of Divine Balance, The Divine Human in Physical Embodiment. This is Our Soul Purpose and Our mission.

As we clear the dysfunction within, recognizing thought, word and action stemming from lower frequencies, we evolve. Identifying WHERE in the body these frequencies are held and spending MOMents going within to apply, infuse and integrate Love and Healing, we are pulling the collective evolutionary process forward in MOMentum.

Now is the MOMent to rise to the Great Work underway, to unify Our inner masculine and feminine, to identify that which is imbalanced and feel your way through your process of healing. We are here as Guides for Humanity, if you wish to awaken deeper and more intimately to this process please send a PM to book in for a Cosmic Awakening session.

In Loving Service to the Planetary Activation Process,

The Cosmic Activation Angels


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