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The Oracle Report 10/17/22: The Upcoming Solar Eclipse

Beloved Earth Angels!!!

What an incredible series of power-up portals we have been traveling through! Not without their challenges, of course. Sincerest and Deepest honor to All! My Heartfelt Prayers for All to BE riding these waves with Grace and Trust, rising always with the next swell, Trusting the rhythm and consistency of Our Beloved Mother Earth beneath Our feet, above Our Heads and In Our Hearts.

I am moved today to share insight on the upcoming Eclipse Season, beginning with the Scorpio Solar Eclipse on October 25th 2022. We are Fast approaching the entry to the Eclipse Season Portal and, as always, Awareness Transforms into Consciousness. Insight Shared in deepest Honor of Prime Creator's Earth Angels, pioneering at the spearhead, the forefront of Creation itself!

In an Expanding YOUniverse, WE are at the Edge! We are the Souls stretching the Capacity of Creation to Pull Divinity INTO Physical Matter. An indescribable feat that is to be celebrated and rejoiced everyday! To access this Awareness daily is to touch a curious finger through the veil to an ever Celebrating Heaven, rejoicing in Creations Wonder!

October 25th Solar Eclipse in Scorpio at 2°

All Solar Eclipses take place at the time of the New Moon, this one is occurring at 2° of Scorpio. It is advised to check your Natal Birth Chart to see which House you have placed at 2° of Scorpio. This is where the core transformation will be activating. Scorpio is a big Truth bringer and the energies surrounding this solar eclipse new Moon moon invite up deeply buried Fear that has been in play regarding the part of your chart where 2° Scorpio hits.

At the time of the Solar Eclipse, Venus is also at 2° Scorpio, meaning the energies of Venus, and Her related themes, are inextricably linked to this process. Venus themes include relationships, intimacy, vulnerability. It is to be noted that Venus is not in Her strength in Scorpio, Venus is the Planetary ruler of Taurus and so Scorpio is the Furthest point from Her Home position. This might reflect in your experience as BEing brought to the furthest points of discomfort in relation to the aforementioned themes.

As Venus is the furthest away from Her Home position, there is a sense of exploring 'the underbelly,' getting a good look back, far from Home, reflecting on the space and experiences traversed. With this powerful Truth Bringer, dancing with the planet of Our Vulnerable and most innocent Connections, we may be called upon to look deeply at Raw Truth, that is now BEing revealed about Ourselves, Our Intimacy, Our Connections and Authenticity. This is THE MOMENT to be born into Authentic connection, or to be begin the swim in that direction. This may involve harsh realizations, that are ultimately Grandiose Untruths BEing exposed.

This is a Very Significant point for Light Workers. Very significant, as All, no matter how long on the Path, and no matter how esteemed or established, have been operating under veils of denial regarding themselves, their function and Flow.

This Eclipse Will BE the beginning of a process of Illumination. Reflection Will lead us to deep places of transformation, many Will come to realize they have been participating in Power Dynamics that were put in Play to cope with the controlling dynamics of others and Will find the inner strength to empower themselves in Wholeness and Truth.

Having just traversed through an unbelievable, UNBELIEVABLE process of Divine Inner Masculine healing, rebuilding and repairing, Venus supporting this Solar Eclipse Allows the Planetary Ascension Energy, Gaia Herself, to turn her Loving Gaze upon the Divine Inner feminine Energy. The Light must now be shone upon the Feminine, to heal and forgive how All have allowed their Divine Inner feminine to be suppressed and disempowered.

Beloved Sisters and Brothers, we are Mighty and Fierce beyond what we have yet conceived of and we have been giving Our power AWAY, to external forces that seek to wield Our power and keep us small.

Unwittingly, All of HUmanity has been playing into this suppression. Dig deep Brothers and Sisters. It Will require the Vulnerable, space holding Divine Inner Masculine Energy for this process to be seen All the Way through. This is why the Divine has ensured upon the Inner Masculine Healing to take place 'First,' in this recent round of ethereo-Terric transference. Now, with a healed and empowered inner masculine power center, the healing of the Inner Feminine can occur.

We must Allow Ourselves Whatever this process asks, free of judgment, and validation. Nothing is needed from Outside of you. YOU alone give yourself permission to go forth and conquer.

5 Days after the Solar Eclipse we have Mars going retrograde and the third Grand Air Trine of October happening, followed by two more eclipses. Each event is Unique, Heaven~Hitting and DESIGNED to raise you UP out of dynamics of victim, unnecessary suffering, dullness, delusion. Full Accountability, deeply felt and honored, is your Greatest Weapon!!

Happy Journeying Earth Angels


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