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Oracle Report 8/10/23: Phase 2 Missions Begin

By Archeia Aurora

We have officially moved through the intense Lionsgate Portal, and have entered the integration phase. In many ways, the Lionsgate (Aug 1-8), was a week of testing. Source brought through MAJOR plasma Sun codes and light frequencies to the Planet, and the Galactics have been observing how Humanity is integrating these energies. Many are reporting extreme ascension symptoms, many loved ones crossing over, extreme planetary weather events, and personal shakeups on our path. Each Higher Self observed how their Human Avatar handled the incoming energies in order to be able to adjust + prepare to re-write the scripts and soul missions for Phase 2.

Phase 1 of the Ascension process has been ongoing since 2012. This 11 year cycle was the initial dry run for the Ascension. 2012 was the original timeline for the Great Awakening + subsequent planetary ascension, however it was very clear that Humanity as a whole was not ready for the collective ascension as the density, programming and conditioning was much deeper than originally anticipated. If we look at the previous 11 year cycle, it takes us back to 2001. When 9/11 occurred in 2001, Humanity reach Zero Point. In essence, we were brought to the absolute Zero Point of consciousness-FEAR. From 2001-2012, the intended timeline was to have a gradual awakening in preparation for the Age of Aquarius energy to begin anchoring onto the planet on December 21, 2012.

Due to mass interference and extreme tactics made by the Dark, 2001-2012 was a very dark period in the human consciousness, and not many were able to awaken. The 911 Call from Source went out to Humanity on December 21st, 2012 and many around the world heard the call. Those who WERE able to awaken during the Zero Point Phase, began their Phase 1 missions during the years of 2012-2023. Phase 1 was about disclosure, truth, awakening, and 24/7 service to Humanity. During Phase 1, the First Wavers have been pushing a boulder up a mountain. The density of the EGO programmed mind and its toxic systems were almost impossible to penetrate. It took every ounce of strength we had in order to break through.

For those who have been doing the inner work during Phase 1 to heal, dissolve their programming/conditioning/belief systems, and have been playing their role in service to Humanity, Phase 2 is going to feel like a breath of fresh air. For those who were not able to awaken during the Zero Point Phase (2001-2012), nor during Phase 1 (2012-2023), they will be going through extreme experiences over the next 3 months in order to prepare them for the New Timeline beginning on 11/11. The masses of Humanity are about to enter their Great Awakening Phase. Phase 1 was a dry-run in which Source and the Galactics could work with the First Wavers on the Ground to gather valuable data on how we were able to heal, transform and integrate our Higher Selves. This research will be applied to help the Second + Third Wavers during Phase 2.

For the last week, we have all been re-writing our missions and scripts for the coming of Phase 2. We now have an integration period that will last from now until August 16th, where we herald in the New Moon in Leo. Leo, being the sister archetype of Aquarius, is also an essential part of this Ascension Process. Leo rules the Higher Heart, while Aquarius rules the Higher Thought. Leo is the archetype of creative expression, empowerment, joy, play and laughter. Through Leo, we discover our natural gifts and talents and we are free to express them. Combined with the sister sign of Aquarius, we also learn higher thought, innovation, how to apply our natural talents in service to the whole and for evolution, and how we embrace our true authenticity. This New Moon in Leo will kick off the beginning of Phase 2, which will take 3 months to fully manifest, leading us to the official kickoff on 11/11.

Over the next few months, we will all be receiving our new missions. This will come from synchronicities, experiences and observation of what is showing up in your life. Also pay attention to what lights you up, what excites you, and what your soul is dreaming of. Many people, places and things will begin to fall away that are not a match to your Phase 2 mission. This is a very natural part of the process. Many new people, places and things will begin magnetizing to you as we are all operating on the Higher Grids now which are divinely intelligent. We no longer need to fight, battle, or figure out what our next move is. Allow your Higher Self, Angels and Source to guide you through your heart and through your experience.

What this means is that over the next 3 months, the old systems, EGO Mind, and the old grids will begin to dissolve and collapse. This collapse is speeding up as we are witnessing through personal and collective events. Trust the process. The most important thing is to be in your heart, to find your true self, and to LOVE wildly and unconditionally. Those who did not wake up during the Zero Point Phase or Phase 1 will be going through many challenges and experiences that push them outside their comfort zones. Do not interfere with their process, do not attempt to save them from themselves. Instead, hold space for them, love them, teach them, guide them. Keep your vision on the beauty within the destruction and the calm within the chaos.

If you would like to learn more about the upcoming energies + downloading your Higher Self Blueprint and Soul Missions, tune into our new Written in the Stars Show where we cover all things Astrology, Human Design and energy shifts!


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