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Oracle Report 6/15/23: The Resurrection of the Right Brain-The Gemini Portal

By Archeia Aurora

This week on Written in the Stars, Hope and I discussed the upcoming Saturn retrograde in Pisces + New Moon in Gemini. Later this week we will be covering Sedna's transit into Gemini, beginning a whole new epoch of truth + communication.

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We are in for quite a weekend! We have a very monumental but unknown transit that will be occurring tomorrow, June 16th, as Sedna shifts out of Taurus and into Gemini. Sedna is the outermost dwarf planet that was added to our solar system in 2003. She was named after the Inuit Mythology Goddess who was betrayed by her father and husband, left to her fate at the bottom of the icy ocean where she transformed into the Queen of the Underworld of the Ocean. Sedna holds many parallels to Pluto and Neptune, as she resides in the Icy asteroid belt just beyond Neptune and prior to Pluto. This makes total sense in terms of her archetype, as she relates to the consciousness and water element of Neptune, but also the pain and rebirth that is associated with Pluto.

There is so much undiscovered about Sedna’s archetype and what she truly is teaching Humanity. Many themes include the rebellious feminine who refuses to bow to the patriarchy or to give her power away to masculine that abuse, power over, and strip her of her feminine essence. She is nicknamed the “Queen of the Oceans” or “Goddess of the Sea”, implying that we may come to find much more in our Oceans that we have previously known. Water/Ocean is also symbolic of consciousness and money. In this analogy, the strong and powerful feminine archetype was abandoned and left for death at the bottom of the ocean by the masculine who feared her. She rose up to her own power and now SHE is control of the waters. Sedna has much to deliver to Humanity in terms of her empowerment of the feminine, the true essence of abundance and consciousness. For the past 55 years, Sedna has been transiting Taurus, and we have seen all the abuses of this realm come to light, including the greed of elites, the taking/stealing from Mother Earth’s resources, the taking/stealing of land and real estate, the control of the food supply, and the enslavement of Humanity through survival. Many feminine have chosen to become self-sustainable and regain their sense of financial independence, no doubt under Sedna’s influence.

Now, Sedna is moving into Gemini and this is a whole other ball game. Gemini seems to hold an important role this year that I am still uncovering. Last year, we had Mars (masculine) move into Gemini in late August. Due to retrogrades, he stayed in Gemini for over 7 MONTHS, which is an exceptionally long time for Mars to be in any one sign, and did not leave until the end of March. What was the masculine energy learning here? I have my natal Mars in Gemini (8th house), so I have a particular contract with this energy. From my own experience, the shadow of Gemini is becoming consumed by the mental body, too much information, too much activity, restlessness and anxiety. Now, Sedna will be moving into Gemini tomorrow for over 50 years, and not to mention we have a New Moon in Gemini upcoming this weekend on June 18th, Father’s Day. Fascinating isn’t it?

So what are the masculine needing to learn from the Gemini energy? What are the feminine needing to learn? When we look at the lower archetype of Gemini we see the following:

-indecisiveness, relying on logic over intuition

-talking too much without actually listening

-fear of conflict, playing “nice guy” and saying what people want to hear, not what they need to hear

-manipulating others to do what they want them to do, using words as manipulation with hidden motives/agendas

-obsessing over information/facts/proof and denying the power of intuition and innate knowing

-telling “white lies” rather than being truthful and straight forward

-spending too much time socializing and networking, not enough time in meditation/solitude to restore connection

-impatience and wanting to rush results rather than flowing with the natural cycle

-overactive mind and nervous system, not enough presence

-addiction to getting attention and forming superficial relationships

-manipulating their partners with words that sound good, but never address the real issues

-not following through on their word and doing what they say they are going to do

-lack of sacredness and loyalty to the truth, universal law, and higher powers/ thinking they are invincible

-caring too much what others think of them, rather than standing in their truth which may make others uncomfortable

-disconnection from the spiritual path and ignoring their own conscience in favor of being liked

It feels to me that the Masculine energy within us all is being put to the test under these Gemini conditions. Sedna is resurrecting the power of the feminine energy within the Gemini spectrum, as Gemini does rule the Twins/duality. Gemini being ruled by Mercury, dominates our brain and mental bodies. We have been locked in to the masculine, left brain only, and completely severed ourselves from the right brain, the feminine mental body. Sedna is now resurrecting the power of intuitive thought, higher thought, the power of listening to others, storytelling from the heart, and casting aside our addictions to information, proof and facts in favor of real TRUTH, conviction and a loyalty to the divine. In essence, the masculine energy must learn to stop talking, and listen to the feminine energy.

The New Moon in Gemini will be at 26 degrees, and will occur on June 18th. The day prior, June 17th, Saturn will be going retrograde in Pisces at 7 degrees. Saturn is the Earthly Father energies who is now stationed in Pisces, the Cosmic Mother-the Alpha + the Omega. Saturn has been in deep surrender to the Mother, giving over his need for authority, rigid structure, struggle and limitation. Saturn is the ruler of Capricorn, who just had Pluto re-enter his later degrees, finishing what he started-the complete collapse of the patriarchal matrix in order to resurrect + restore Natural Law.

It is amazing to me how the cosmos continue to tell us a story, a story that we are a part of and are living out here on this plane.

The following are some excerpts from the Book, 360 Degrees of Your Star Destiny by Ellias Lonsdale:

New Moon Degrees

26-27 Degrees Gemini: “In an ordinary sense, moving through this place is surpassingly strange. If you have anything to lose, you will lose it here. If you demand your own way of life, here you will find it necessary to strip and divest yourself of everything that you hold to be important. Everything depends on what is ought and what is held on to as illusion. In an extraordinary vein, this is simply the giving over of apparent goods for infinite reality. The outer is no longer valued not at all. The invisible, intangible-these aspects become every inch of existence.”

“On the outside, the idea is to keep a straight face, to be quite inconspicuous. We mold ourselves to fit what is expected, what is assumed. There comes a time when this deal we have made with ourselves so long ago becomes null and void. The gap between the side and the outside is intolerable when it is time to come forth. And then a mighty task awaits the soul if it wishes to pass through the barrier that was created so solidly and persistently. This involves reversing old habits, turning our world inside out. Nothing less will do. What has been most intensively squirreled away was our inner most soul itself. Personality was sufficient for the outer world.”

Saturn Retrograde Degrees

7-8 Degrees Pisces: “What is asked is that the path taken be held to with great tenacity and to juggled against other factors. This becomes the most pivotal place of all. Everything comes to center around the consecration to the Absolute. With this around, we all have a pryer for optimal outcomes even in seemingly hopeless situations. This is about miracles. The ordinary miracles arise as convergence points between something greatly need and those who can supply what is sought.”

“We are here together, we who have suffered, we who have lost, we who have grieved and bleed and cry and keep going. WE are the salty tears of this Earth. We are the chant you never quite hear, We are the rumbling that surprises you. We are that which you underestimate. We should have been gone long ago. WE dissolved into the deep-under and tried to stay out of your way. But no longer.”

If you have any planets in Gemini, especially your Ascendant, Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus or Mars, its a good time to get in tune with these shadows and to work on embodying the higher archetype of Gemini which is mental flexibility, allowing yourself to change based on new information, following your intuition but blending it with logic, speaking and communicating with full truth and transparency, and inspiring others to share their truths. Gemini’s are the storytellers of New Earth, they are the connectors between us all that keep everything running smoothly. They are teachers, orators, and guides.



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