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Oracle Report 5/25/23

This week we have major energy coming from all directions of the cosmos. Astrologically, we have been in a tight Grand Cross Square between the North Node + Jupiter in Taurus, South Node in Scorpio, Pluto in Aquarius, + Mars in Leo. This is potent energy between all of the fixed signs of the zodiac. The fixed signs represent our foundations, our structures and where in life we seek consistency and often can become rigid in our ways of being, thinking, acting and creating.

This potent Grand Cross is also coinciding with a massive 4 way cross of the Cosmos between the energy of the Great Central Sun, the Greater Central Sun, the Great Attractor, + the Shapely Attractor. These are massive magnetic and gravitational points in the cosmos that are both pushing + pulling the Universe and Galaxies into certain positions and timelines.

The entire landscape of what we know is currently being cracked wide open. Imagine when the ground becomes so hardened from lack of water, too much sunlight, + lack of softness, cracks begin to show in the ground. Eventually, the cracks widen and create a split. Pieces of the ground may begin to break off and fall apart, leading to a collapse. This is what we are feeling collectively in these energies.

The foundations we currently hold that have made us rigid, stuck and unable to grow and flourish are now beginning to crack. It is inevitable we shall see them collapse. We must allow this release of pressure, but if we try to keep it together, force the pieces to stay together, it shall only lead to more problems.

Allow the collapse of what is no longer sustainable, and you will find yourself landing perfectly on a new foundation that can be nourished and will produce the beautiful bounty.

On this week's episode, we discuss these energies as well as the incoming frequencies from the Sun and its effect on our evolution.

To watch this week's episode, subscribe to our Daily Disclosure Show + new series: Written in the Stars

-Hope + Aurora


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