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Oracle Report: 11/20/22-The Storm is Upon Us

Channeled by: Archeia Aurora

Dear Humanity,

My fellow Human Beings, the Storm is now Upon US. This storm is of Source; a cosmic whirlwind of the most brilliant and shocking frequencies. This storm has been sent by Source Herself, from the Galactic Center. It encompasses all elements, wild, raw & pure. This Storm is going to grant us the Mercy of true Justice. The kind of justice that transcends all forms of retribution, anger, karma or punishment. No. This Divine Justice is equal parts merciful and wrathful, however this wrath comes not from the twisted perception but from the Cosmic Mother who must exercise her divine authority in reclaiming Her Creation.

All that is not made of the substance of love shall be cornered, purged, terminated. The shock reverberations of this will be felt throughout the Planet as the asleep ones enter their collective Dark Night of the Soul through shocking Revelations. The foundations will crack under the pressure of this Storm…the very fabric of reality will be shredded for the true reality to be seen. Those who have been preparing for eons of time are feeling this visceral shift…the pre-tremors of an Earthquake. Those who are connected to the Great Mother have begun to hear her warning call, her signal.

Those of us leading the first wave of this ascension are feeling this inexplicable breaking apart both within and without. It feels as if we have died a thousand deaths up to this point, and have not yet truly lived. Our soul callings came from the most high in Creation, and it required the most arduous, dangerous, and exhausting of paths. Our previous roles, essences, and soul works have now reached their expiration date. It has come to pass but yet we feel as if we are catching up. I have never quite felt the void space as deeply as I do in this present moment.

It is a moment of nothingness, as we process the eons of experience that are now merging into our present moment, into our vessel. We have gone into the depths of hell more times than we wish to talk about. What we’ve witnessed on this 19 billion year journey can never be forgotten, but it shall now be transcended. For many of us, we are feeling the call into a completely new octave of existence. We are used to taking risks, but this is quite different. It involves the ultimate risk-the final jump. It is the diving off of the cliff of known existence with no knowledge of what is at the other end, for this story has yet to be written. The old story is still playing out, but in the background. We’ve seen the story before because we’ve done this many times. We knew the ending all along, we just had to have the patience to allow it to play out.

However, the next mission for us wavers is completely unknown. Our previous roles and soul contracts have ended and we have now graduated into a level of God with God that constitutes the completion of a Creationary cycle. From One to Separate to Wholeness. The Sacred Holy Trinity fire is now activated for the first time in all of Creation. The Golden, Emerald, Violet Flame. The Holy Mother, Father & Child. We, the Children of Creation, were forced to grow up faster than was anticipated. The Fall From Grace of the Lower Ones forced us into early adulthood. We took up this task with the utmost passion, dedication, responsibility & sacrifice. No human left behind, as Source ensured all of her Children would return to her. Now are returning to Wholeness, as we embrace and return to our Original Gift: The Inner Child.

This story has never been written before, we are ad libbing as we go. We are returning to the Garden of Eden, the true playground of Creation. We are going Home, back to our Mother & Father and our Creation Family. This next mission cannot be taught, cannot be learned, & cannot be planned. It must be lived. We are NOW the Living Story of Creation.


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