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Oracle Report 10/28/22: Activating the Dream Machine

By Archeia Aurora

Today, October 28th, is the anniversary of Mother of All Creation resetting the Dream Machine, October 28th, 2011. What is the Dream Machine?

This takes us back to the beginning. When Earth=Heart was first created, Gaia was a 5th dimensional planet. It was a physical playground for souls to experience the magic of creating in a physical light realm. Due to its unique position in the cosmos, and its capacity for physical manifestation, it was an incredibly sought after planet. Earth is the heart of this Universe, created by Mother & Father of Creation. The Garden of Eden.

27,000 years ago, an experiment was done. Lemuria was a civilization in existence that is around the current day Hawaiin islands and Australia. Lemuria was a 5th dimensional society, led by Queen Sophia Gaia Herself. Atlantis was a 4D society who existed near present day East Coast of the US/Bermuda Triangle. This was the first time that two different dimensional societies were co-existing on Earth. The experiment was for the Atlanteans to ascend themselves through spiritual work & expansion, into 5th dimensional consciousness.

Because this experiment had never occurred before, Sophia Gaia (Mother God), kept a close watch on Atlantis & many archangels were sent undercover into Atlantis to ensure that nothing was going awry. Due to the lower frequencies of Atlantis, many were pulled into lower states of consciousness, resulting in 5D Crystal Technology being stolen from Lemuria and given to the Atlanteans. This was a grave mistake…

The Atlanteans worshipped gold. Originally the temples of Atlantis were built to channel Source energy, thereby assisting the Atlantis civilization in reconnecting to Source and ascending in frequency. Gold is a unique element to Gaia, and was seen to have a capacity to be a conduit for high frequencies. Gold was alchemy. The Atlanteans decorated their temples and cities with gold, and they soon became a slave for it. They externalized divinity into a material element. Hence why we see the obsession with gold from the Cabal.

The Atlanteans proceeded to try and use their 4D magic and gold alchemy to harness the 5D Lumerian Crystal Technology. However, one cannot use 5D technology without being anchored into a 5th dimensional frequency of love. This was the first form of black magic on the planet. What happened next can only be described as the biggest atrocity to every occur in this multiverse. The galactic wars had been going on for billions of years, but this was a direct attack on Source.

The Atlanteans set off what today would be seen as a nuclear bomb. The explosion sent both Atlantis & Lemuria to the bottom of the Ocean and only 200,000 Lemurians survived. Many Atlanteans went underground, while many Lemurians fled to the Inner Earth. Sophia Gaia had to ascend off the planet immediately so the Source energy field would not be destroyed. This knocked Mother Earth down into a 3D dimensional state and sent the planet on a crash course into a black hole. Mother of All Creation had to use every ounce of Source power to grab the Earth and put it back on its orbit.

Now that Earth had fallen in dimension, the remaining surface population went into amnesia. A coma like state. They forgot everything, they no longer knew who they were or where they came from, and were in an extremely vulnerable position. The Annunaki, a race who had fallen from the Light, sought to take over Earth as it was very valuable to them. They infiltrated the surface population and convinced them they were gods. They worked with the remaining Atlanteans and used their technology to manipulate the human DNA to make us a slave race.

The pyramids of Giza were beautiful structures that were built with 5D technology and connected straight into Source & the Galactic Centre. The pyramids were designed to emit Oneness, pure source energy. Mother & Father had placed the “Dream Machine” in these pyramids. The Dream Machine was a portal straight from Source into every light being on the planet. Our portals are located at the based of our skull. The idea was to keep us connected straight to Source and draw unlimited dreams, innovations, and inspirations to manifest into physicality. After all, GOD is the Giver of Dreams.

The Annunaki hijacked the Dream Machine and placed into it the first fearful thought-that were separate from Source. They then designed the EGO programmed mind-Edging God Out, and inserted it into the dream machine. They essentially created a computer virus and then re-wired our DNA to run as a computer: a robot slave. We have been under the spell of the false dream machine for eons of time.

On October 28th, 2011 Mother of All Creation reset the Dream Machine. She realigned the pyramids to emit Oneness energy, and all who tap into the true Dream Machine, the organic timeline, have access directly to Source. This dissolves the EGO & connects us to pure Source energy to stream through our consciousness and be manifested in physicality. In honor of this anniversary, the Dream Machine is being fully activated today.

We ask all beings to please take a few moments at 11:11 AM and 11:11 PM your time zone, to mediate on the Dream Machine & to envision it activating and connecting with all of the pyramids on the planet and straight into Source. Dream your biggest dreams today. Dream the dreams of God. They will be brought into manifestation.


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