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March Astrology Report

The first week of March we have fairly quiet cosmic energies, as we enjoy this momentary “pause” and are really focused on the integration of these new energies and of more aspects of our Higher Self. The 3/3 Portal will unlock the codes for co-creation, collaboration, and the spirit of unity. The 3 is a dynamic number that is all about creativity, change, trial and error, and working with others. Many are beginning to find their soul families and soul fractals to begin working with. We may also be called to begin experimenting with new skills and moving outside our comfort zones. The 3 loves to learn by simply diving in and not worrying about whether or not we are going to “fail” or do something perfectly. 

On March 9th, Mercury will enter Aries and suddenly we will be ready to take ACTION and I feel the cosmos are blessing us with true courage and fearlessness to not only stand in our authentic truth, to speak truth boldly, but also to start making the moves we have been hesitant to make. Everything is divinely timed right now and it’s important to follow the stirrings of your soul. Each of us have a unique pace, as this Ascension is a marathon and not a race. Sometimes we must pass the baton to another while we rest, breathe and replenish ourselves. Other times, it will be our job to grab the baton and go for it, as the ascension adrenaline hits us and we are inspired to take on the next leg. 

The following day on March 10th, we will have a New Moon @ 20 Degrees Pisces. The New Moon energies are typically soft and quiet, and we have a moment to gain clarity and to set intentions for our next cycle. However, this New Moon is transcendental and I feel we will be having a collective spiritual experience that is beyond our comprehension. This New Moon will occur in Gene Key 22 which carries us from Suffering to Grace. This Gene Key carries the codes of the Cosmic Mother and her ability to cleanse us of karmic residuals. This Gene Key also unlocks the 7 Seals of Consciousness, which represent the Soul’s Journey back to Source. I believe we are under Divine Intervention during this Month, as Prime Source Creator is giving us the catalysts to begin our transition to New Earth. 

The following week, we will enter the Spring Equinox as the Sun opens up the Aries Stargate. The Aries Stargate is delivering us the Divine Warrior Codes and this will bring in in the “144,000 armies” which appear to be galactic armies that represent all galactic races on earth. This includes races such as the Orions, Andromedans, Arcturians, Syrians and Lyrians etc. The Pleiadians are stabalizing the entrance of these armies by holding the constant frequency of love, peace and compassion they are surrounding the planet with. These armies are coming to protect and serve Prime Source Creator, Mother Earth and Humanity during the transition to New Earth, as the collective consciousness will be in a very vulnerable state. Our prayers to Source for assistance, protection and support have been answered. 

Finally, on March 25th, we will begin Eclipse Season with a Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Libra @ 5 Degrees. Since the entrance of the South Node into Libra last July, we have collectively been called to begin purging some of the karmic baggage of Libra. Sometimes being “nice” does not serve the greater good, and putting others above ourselves brings self destruction. We had to re-learn the balance between Self and others, and to also stop giving our power away to others’ opinions and judgments. This brings us to the fascinating energy of this Eclipse, which will be occurring in Gene Key 18, which carries the shadow of Judgement and Siddhi of Perfection. We must release our need to attach to judgements of good, bad, right, wrong, etc. In order to embrace true perfection, we must follow our discernment but not allow our own limited judgements to control the way in which we see and embrace the world. Instead, we are called to lead by example, and to boldly call out what does not meet the standard of perfection we seek to bring into the world. 

Hope and I will be providing all Astrological, Human Design, and Energetic Updates this month on our Daily Disclosure Show, Written in the Stars Series. To Subscribe to our show, click here:


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