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1/11 New Moon in Capricorn: The Sovereignty Portal

1/11 New Moon in Capricorn: The Sovereignty Portal


As Pluto reaches his final moments in the sign of Capricorn, we are undergoing a very deep release associated with the collapse of the Matrix. The Matrix is based off of enslavement: physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. Humanity is enslaved to this illusion through the EGO mind which is based on FEAR. Fear is the opposite of love, and its frequency siphons our life force energy which is naturally based in love, joy, creativity, and unity. 


One of the main centers of our body that has been specifically targeted, is the Root Chakra, associated with Saturn + Capricorn. The Root Chakra is what grounds us into our bodies, to the Earth, and into the present moment of now. The aligned frequency of the Root Chakra is Trust + Abundance. Our natural state of being is trust, as we know we are provided with everything we need in the moment that we need it. We are abundant in Spirit, and thus we instantly manifest abundantly through our expression, creativity, and service. 


However, this chakra was poisoned and has been the most targeted by the dark in order to put us into fear and lack. This keeps us enslaved through the black magic financial system, physically exhausted through survival mode, emotionally enslaved through propaganda, and mentally and spiritually enslaved through our lack of trust in ourselves and Spirit. We have become dependent on outside forces to provide us with our needs, and we have been collectively stolen from so that we must work for the dark in order to receive our natural birthright of abundance. This is all being corrected by Pluto in his final moments in Capricorn, and will be finalized later this year when Pluto returns to the 29th degree for a short time. 


I know many of you may be feeling this energy, as I personally am. It is a feeling of wanting to break free, to release everything from the past and to burst forth into something new. Yet, most of us don't really know what the "new" we wish to jump into is. There is a deep frustration, grief, and resentment for what has taken place both personally and collectively on Earth.


The Dragons are here liberating us this year from the enslavement and helping us step into our true sovereignty. The enslavement chips have been discovered by the Galactics in the past few months. These chips are low frequency pockets of density that are deeply embedded into our energy bodies. These chips emit strong frequencies of fear and lack, which drains our energetic bodies and prevents our true Crystalline Templates from coming in. These chips are also blocking our true state of abundance. These will be removed during this month’s Etheric Surgery Seminar.


The enslavement chips are complex but seem to be working specifically through the frequencies of:






Under this New Moon, on January 11th, we will be hosting our monthly Etheric Surgery Seminar. 


This New Moon will fall at 20 degrees Capricorn while Pluto is stationed at 29 degrees. The Moon will be trine to Uranus in Taurus and sextile to Neptune in Pisces. We are solidifying our new foundations in Capricorn as he has undergone an extreme purging and evolution. Our path forward now lies in integrity rather than success. Our time + effort is now given towards the goals and dreams that are sustainable + heart centered, not what is profitable. The trine to Uranus in Taurus assures us that this new path is rooted in alignment with Mother Earth, and abundance. The sextile to Neptune in Pisces brings a dream-like quality to this new path. We aren't completely sure where we are headed, but we are following our attunement to Source.

Now, the Moon will also be having an exact + harsh square to the North Node/Chiron in Aries, and the South Node in Libra. Here is where we come up against the final wounds from the last 15-20 years. The North Node + Chiron in Aries is bringing up a silent rage within us. This rage is deeply buried, as we acknowledge how tired, exhausted and disempowered we truly feel. In many ways, we have been running at full speed only to realize we haven't gotten very far. We are seeking momentum, freedom, inspiration and confidence to boldly go in the direction of our hearts. Chiron is healing the woulds of resentment that we must face.

Similarly, the square to the South Node in Libra is bringing up the realities of what is not "fair" or balanced. We are collectively fed up with the lack of justice, fairness, and balance within the world. We are sick and tired of playing "nice" or doing what is best for all others, and never receiving for ourselves the same treatment.

I feel this New Moon is the beginning of the sovereignty portal (which we activated last year on March 21st!). We are taking our power back. We are ending the old enslavement paradigm, and we are headed towards true liberation.

During our Etheric Surgeries we are focused on the dissolvent of all lower implants within our energy bodies, detoxing our Etheric Bodies from all density/toxins/interference, + the alignment of our 13 chakras. This month, we will also be undergoing the final re-wiring of our energetic templates, removing the enslavement chips that have kept us in disempowerment, fear, lack and struggle. These are heavily effecting all beings from taking their power back and anchoring in their sovereignty/Crystalline Templates. 


It has also been brought to my attention by the Galactics that we are undergoing a rapid acceleration of the Pole Shifts. This is both literally and figurative. The physical poles are shifting in order to balance out the planet, as it was misaligned. However, this is also happening on an internal level as we are shifting from the masculine pole to the feminine pole. Mother Earth herself holds a feminine blueprint, and we all must align by leading with the feminine energy. This means we are shifting away from the mind and into the heart. This is also means we are shifting from left brain dominant to right brain dominant. As the right brains begin to come more online, thanks to increased Solar Activity and cosmic shifts, many will feel like they are “losing their minds”. YOU ARE. We are returning instead to true Heart-Brain Connection, which is led by the right brain, balanced with the left brain, and fully connected to the heart center. 


This month’s Etheric Surgery will also put a major focus on right brain activation and balancing. Many of you may be feeling this now, which can create the feeling of dizziness, nausea, vertigo or feeling like you are on a boat. The wobble is happening as above so below, and our bodies are trying to find this new equilibrium. All angel teams assisting with these surgeries will be prepping to softly assist with this brain balancing to help us find our center.


Thank you to all who are helping to participate in this process! We are all ONE, and as we undergo our own transformation + healing, we assist all others to begin their own as well.




For those guided to join, the Etheric Surgery Seminar will begin on January 11th, 2024 with Part 1 of the Process, and Part 2 will complete the surgery on January 18th, 2024. For all those guided to join, I look forward to seeing you there. 



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