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Oracle Report 2-20-24: Turbulent Takeoff

By: Archeia Aurora

We as a collective Humanity have been preparing for takeoff since November of 2023. On the 11/11 Portal of 2023, the Crystalline Timeline aka the Ascension Timeline was fully activated and anchored on Planet Earth. We can imagine this as the runway that was being built and had to be stabalized through the planetary grids as well as through our human vessels. We completed the stabalizing of the Crystalline Timeline on 12/21/23.

Beginning in January of 2024, we were "preparing for takeoff." The call went out for all remaining beings within Humanity who were and are ready for the Planetary Ascension to begin boarding. All who heard this call came with their boarding passes and boarded flight 999 on the Ascension Airways.

On January 20th, 2024, the Sun + Pluto opened the Aquarian Stargate together as they walked into the 0 degrees of Aquarius which officially marked the beginning of the Age of Aquarius. There are 13 Stargates around the planet, and all of them had previously been closed-no one out, and no one in. This was because Earth and HUmanity have been under quarantine for the last 27,000 years. This Planet is the last remaining planet to be under invasion by the Dark Forces and thus Source and the Galactics needed to seal off this Planet in order to protect the multi-verses, and to initiate the removal of the Dark Forces operation.

As the Aquarian Stargate opened, this was the first Stargate to re-open since the times of Atlantis and Lemuria. Through this Stargate, the 13 Dragon Collectives entered our Planetary Field. This is the year of the Dragons and thus, they were called in under the direction of Prime Source Creator. The Dragons are on massive cleanup duty, as the last remaining Dark Forces are being eradicated from this Planet, and all fear is being dissolved and removed. The Light is full control of this operation and the Dragon are ensuring the protection of Mother Earth and Humanity during this final clean up operation. The Dragons are masters at transmuting darkness, fear, density and toxins. They are also releasing the Dragon Codes of freedom, sovereignty, abundance and power. They are helping Humanity to reclaim their God Selves and to free us from the enslavement paradigm.

Along with the entrance of the Dragons, we received a huge wave of Aquarian Codes that have begun activating Humanity. These are the codes of the New Age including: unity consciousness, higher thought, innovation, humanitarianism, philanthropy, universal abundance, truth, transparency, and co-creation.

Since January 20th, the Sun, Mercury, Mars and Venus have all passed through the Aquarian Gates at 0 degrees, escorted by Pluto. Pluto has now come into his new archetype as the Activator, and each of these planets have now received new divine activations. As of February 16th, 2024, for the first time in 16 YEARS we have ZERO planets in Capricorn. On this day, we officially took off and are now in flight to the New Paradigm. This month we are hitting turbulence, as the old world is beginning to crack and crumble, along with those desperately hanging onto it. Those who have chosen the path of Ascension and those will later choose this path, will have their boarding passes delivered to them and they will be boarding later flights. First Wavers have all been secured and are en route to their new destinations.

The Sun is now the opener of the Stargates, and as the Sun passes through the rest of the Zodiac Wheel this year, he will be opening up each of these stargates to allow in the codes of evolution and consciousness that have long been withheld from this planet. On February 18th, the Sun opened the Pisces Stargate and a wave of cosmic pulses was released. This Stargate brought in pure source energy which is bathing us in deep cellular healing and re-connecting us with Source. We are now integrating many new codes which are coming in through meditation, dreaming, journaling, art, and rest. We are remembering what has long been forgotten. The true records are being released to us now, and we will spend the remainder of Pisces Season integrating and downloading these lost records.

For the rest of this month and through March, we will still have all planets in direct motion (which we have had since January). This is the ALL SYSTEMS GO energy that we are feeling, as we are now immersed in the Accelerated Ascension Events of 2024. Once we hit April, there will be a choice point for Humanity as to the Ascension Events for the remainder of the year, and April will be a pivotal turning point on this journey during the Total Solar Eclipse on 4/8.

Let us know look at the energies we have leading up to this turning point of April 8th.

February 20th-29th:

Sun in Pisces

Mercury in Pisces (February 23rd)

Full Moon in Virgo @ 5 Degrees (February 24th)

Venus, Mars + Pluto in Aquarius

March 1st-30th:

Mercury Enters Aries (March 9th)

New Moon in Pisces @ 20 Degrees (March 10th)

Venus Enters Pisces (March 11th)

Sun Enters Aries (March 19th)

Mars Enters Pisces (March 22nd)

Full Moon Eclipse in Libra @ 5 Degrees (March 25th)

What is fascinating about the next 6 weeks is that we are moving from a Stellium (3+ Planets) in Aquarius, into a stellium in Pisces (Mercury, Sun, Venus, Mars, Saturn + Neptune), and then into a stellium in Aries (Sun, Mercury, Chiron + North Node). These three archetypes will be the focus points for Humanity:

Aquarius: Truth, Evolution, Collective Consciousness

Pisces: The Divine, Surrender, Empathy, Forgiveness

Aries: Sovereignty, Inspired Action, Courage

Now the inner planets (Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus + Mars) provide us with personal experiences, changes in perspective and individual healing. The outer planets (Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune + Pluto) provide us with collective experiences and evolutionary catalysts. Let's take a look at the astrological energy of these planets over the next 6 weeks, as well as their Gene Key associations.


Jupiter gives us expansion, new insights, higher perspectives, and pushes us outside of our comfort zones in order to grow. Jupiter is currently transiting Taurus at 9 degrees and will reach the 17th degree by April 1st. Currently, Jupiter is transiting through Gene Key 24, known as "The Great Genetic Glitch".

Shadow: Addiction



Richard Rudd describes this Gene Key as, "The 24th Gift is the heart of the human creative process. The secret of the 24th Gift is really one of the secrets of creativity itself. It is in fact an acoustic field involving the raising of vibrational frequencies through your genetics. Addiction thinks in circles whereas invention thinks in spirals."

-Excerpt from The Gene Keys Book by Richard Rudd

Humanity is being faced right now with their addictions to the material realm, as well as their addiction to their own thinking patterns. The EGO always "thinks" they can change the external without changing the internal frequency, and this is causing the glitch.

Jupiter will transition out of the 24th Gene Key on March 14th and enter Gene Key 2, known as "Returning to the One."




This Gene Key addresses the wound of separation, as we believe we are isolated from the interconnectedness of the all. This shadow pulls us into a deep state of distrust and isolation. This Gene Key urges us to live a life through synchronicity and embrace that we are connected to everyone and everything. When we live in harmony, we are magnetic. When we live in separation, we experience a deep disconnection.


Saturn gives us tough love by showing us where we are refusing to take self-accountability and urges us to tap into our inner strength and ability to overcome challenges. Saturn is currently transiting at 8 degrees Pisces and will reach the 13th degree by April 1st, 2024.

Currently, Saturn is transiting Gene Key 37 known as "the Real Pole Shift."




Richard Rudd describes this Gene Key as, "Weakness we shall see, is nothing but a projection of the male psyche onto the female psyche. The repressed feminine side of Humanity is rising up to the surface. The true definition of weakness can be seen when the feminine principle is witnessed serving the masculine principle. The pole shift that is upon us will see the reversal of this tendency, so that the masculine serves the feminine."

-Excerpt from The Gene Keys Book by Richard Rudd

Saturn moving through this Gene Key will be bringing the "pole shift", as once again the feminine rises to a state of equality with the masculine pole, with the feminine energy leading the planet. This is a healing of our family lineages as well as uniting all of Humanity as one family, through the heart.

On March 14th, Saturn will also change Gene Keys and enters Gene Key 63, known as "Reaching the Source."

Shadow: Doubt

Gift: Inquiry

Siddhi: Truth

Once Saturn enters this Gene Key, there will be a wave of doubt that sparks the collective into seeking WHOLE TRUTH. Whole truth can only be revealed when we are seeking it, asking for it, and wanting it. This may be a time of disclosure.


Uranus is the planet of shock, catalysts, sudden change, higher thought, and revelations. Uranus is currently transiting at 19 Degrees Taurus and will reach 20 degrees by April 1st, 2024. Uranus is currently transiting Gene Key 23, known as "Splitting the World Apart."




Richard Rudd describes this Gene Key as, "Complexity is the result of the human mind trying to control its environments. However, when someone speaks or writes from their heart, you will understand the gist of what they are saying, regardless of how they say it."

-Excerpt from The Gene Keys Book by Richard Rudd

Uranus here is breaking our addiction to words, and our complicated thought processes and language which are all creations of the mind. When we do not speak from the heart, our words are fragmented and meaningless. This will be a complete breakdown for many, as the old ways of communication are changing, and those we look to for information will also be changing. There will be a clear divide between those speaking from the heart versus the mind.


Neptune is the planet of the Cosmic Mother. She connects us straight to Source where there is no duality, only oneness. There is no judgement, only what is. All things are possible, and nothing is quite as it seems with Neptune. She is a pure essence of feeling and connection, immersion into Creation. Neptune is currently transiting at 26 degrees Pisces and will reach the 27th degree by April 1st, 2024. Neptune is currently transiting in Gene Key 36, known as the "Dark Night of the Soul."

Shadow: Turbulence

Gift: Humanity


Richard Rudd describes this Gene Key as, "this shadow manifests as a collective emotional turbulence. The 36th Shadow has long been known as the Dark Night of the Soul. It is an archetype within human beings that pulls us towards the unknown, and that draws the opportunity to transcend your own suffering. The moment you let go of the notion that you are somehow a victim of the fates, you begin to finally communicate cleanly with others."

-Excerpt from The Gene Keys Book by Richard Rudd

Neptune in this Gene Key has been guiding us all through the Dark Night, as we collectively face the depths of our own suffering and choose to say in the heart. We choose to keep loving, and to keep transcending. We are remembering our deep compassion for being a Human Being.

Later in April, Neptune will change Gene Keys for the first time in many years, and will move into Gene Key 25, Universal Love. This will be a heart opening shift that will sweep the planet. We will discuss this big shift more in April !


Pluto is our shamanic guide between worlds. He is both the destroyer and the resurrector. He kills what is no longer serving us, and we often must grieve what we are letting go of. He also resurrects what has long been forgotten, suppressed or buried. He brings all darkness to light, and is also helping us to activate our God DNA. Pluto is sitting at the 0 degrees of Aquarius and will reach 1 Degree by April 1st, 2024. Pluto is currently transiting Gene Key 60, known as "The Cracking of the Vessel."

Shadow: Limitation

Gift: Realism


Richard Rudd describes this Gene Key as, "It is the power of devolution and limitation and is the counterweight to life itself. The 60th shadow will shut down your life-receiving faculties, essentially freezing life into ever tighter patterns over the course of time. It appears wherever innovation and imagination are stifled by red tape. The 60th Shadow is the biggest critic of magic. The 60th Siddhi really does represent Judgment Day. It is the end of our illusions of right and wrong, good and bad, fair and unfair."

-Excerpt from The Gene Keys Book by Richard Rudd

Pluto here has been dismantling our inner limitations so that the outer limitations of the Matrix can collapse. On April 10th, 2024, Pluto will also change Gene Keys along with Neptune, and enter Gene Key 41, known as "The Prime Emanation."

These two changes Gene Keys add to the intensity and pivotal turn of events coming in April. Due to retrogrades, both Pluto and Neptune will return to these former Gene Keys in the Summer and for the rest of the year. Remember, we are hitting turbulence right now, and we must stay in the heart. We have been trained and we know how to navigate through any storm!


Hope and I will continue to cover the unfolding Ascension events in 2024, with continued updates on the energies through the lense of Astrology + Human Design on our Daily Disclosure Show, Written in the Stars Series. You may subscribe here if you wish to join us:


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