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April Astrology Report: Destiny Reset

By: Aurora

The Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Libra that occurred on March 25th, was the final ending of our false selves, our old ways of being. We are leaving behind co-dependency, self-sacrifice, and disempowerment. Now, as we enter April, we are in the potent window of the return of the God Self. We start out April entering through the 4/4 Portal which represents embodiment, foundation, balance and wholeness. This leads us up to the New Moon Total Solar Eclipse in Aries on April 8th. We will have the Sun, Moon, Mercury, North Node, + Chiron all CONJUNCT this Eclipse. We will also have Venus in Aries who is gaining her divine warrior status once again. This Total Solar Eclipse is THE EVENT. 

Let’s talk about what The Event truly is. As I mentioned last month, there are 3 stages to First Contact: 

Phase 1: Contact with your Higher Self 

This phase was completed beginning with the New Moon in Pisces on March 10th, and completing on April 8th with the New Moon Total Solar Eclipse. 

Phase 2: Contact with Humanity as your Higher Self 

This phase is what will be unfolding throughout April and the rest of the year. This is where the true “decloaking” occurs. The true decloaking is the decloaking of your true self to the world. It is the ripping off of any EGO masks, and instead, standing in your authentic essence and in your truth. We then assist Humanity through their awakening process by leading by example, being the change we wish to see, and co-creating the New Earth. 

Phase 3: Contact with our Galactic Family 

This phase will occur after all of Humanity has awakened and made contact with their Higher Self. We will then be a frequency match to having a full reunion with our Cosmic Parents (Mother/Father God), and our Galactic Brothers and Sisters. This will be the celebration of the beginning of New Earth. 

THE EVENT is an internal event, not an external one. We have heard many rumors over the years of things like NESARA/GESARA, EBS, Grid Shutdown, the Solar Flash, etc. Many misinterpreted these as external events, and thus the collective has been stagnant and stuck in a holding pattern for the last 3 years, waiting on some external events or savior. This has slowed down the Divine Plan, yet was perfect in its unfoldment because it allowed us all to go within and do the inner work to prepare for these outer events. The truth is that all of these Events are internal. WE are NESARA, we are the EBS, we are the Solar Flash. As within, so without. Over the last 3 years we have been internally preparing for these inner events to be made manifest, through our healing, inner work, self-accountability, prayers, intents, etc. Now, during this New Moon Total Solar Eclipse, we officially will be anchoring in THE EVENT: the Great Awakening, the decloaking of the God Selves, the Return of the 144,000. 

During this Event, ALL of Humanity will be shocked into the next level, the quantum leap. It does not matter which level you are currently embodying, or where you are at on your journey. There is no competition in this Ascension Game, as we all are playing different roles and holding down different anchor points within the consciousness. However, every single human being will be pushed and throttled into the NEXT level. For many of you, you are preparing to enter the level of God with God, embodying your full Higher Self, and beginning your new roles to help co-create the New Earth. Many others will be rising to the next level of inner work, of dismantling the false self. Others will be awakening for the first time. It is all Divinely Planned. Please remember that your Higher Selves have been carefully and brilliantly creating a plan for each of you. Your Higher Self will be executing individual experiences and events that are necessary for change, growth and evolution. This creates the overall Divine Plan for the Collective and the ascension events to unfold. 

The New Moon Total Solar Eclipse will occur at 19 Degrees Aries, conjunct the Sun, Mercury, the North Node + Chiron! Chiron will actually conjunct this eclipse to the exact minute which is fascinating to say the least. We have been healing our wounds around the Aries archetype of empowerment, fearlessness and courage since 2018 and that is coming to a completion upon this Eclipse. Venus will also be in Aries, as she is now reclaiming her warrior status.

This Eclipse will also be happening in Gene Key 51, known as the Gate of Shock. This Gene Key carries the shadow of Agitation, which is really based on our fear of life. When we resonate at the level of fear, we either react to life or run from it. Both of these create an inner agitation that never ceases. Richard Rudd describes this shadow as "portal through our fears" and into the vibration of trust.

This Gene Key creates the shock of change and catapults us through our fears and into the gift of Initiative. We begin taking actions that are based in empowerment, and we are able to take leaps of faith that can take us through a wormhole, out of hell and into heaven. The Siddhi here is Awakening. Richard Rudd shares that there are only two states of being: asleep and awake. Many believe they are awake, but they truly aren't. Once the shock of awakening hits, we can never go back, and this will happen on both an individual level and collective level.

This Eclipse will be anchoring in the God Selves, the Event, Great Remembering of who we are truly are and why we came here, our purpose. We will reclaim our destinies and rise above our small and limited selves.

On April 19th, the Sun will open the Taurus Stargate, and Mother Earth herself will begin her final ascent. Taurus is the ruler of Mother Earth, as it represents physical manifestation, abundance, prosperity and the total immersion of the physical experience. The elementals will be very activate after this Stargate, as new forms of elements, crystals, animals, plants, etc begin to manifest into our reality. Taurus being the representation of the Empress, shows us how we can produce limitless abundance and prosperity. I believe this will also be ushering in the new era of Abundance here on Earth.

In divine poetic justice, a day later on April 20th, Jupiter and Uranus will come into an exact conjunction at 21 Degrees Taurus. This is the ultimate "instant manifestation" day, as all that is within now manifests without. All of the visions, dreams and prayers for New Earth will enter through the Taurus Stargate and reality will be changed as we know it. We may also anticipate some Earth Changes and Weather Events around this time.

On April 23rd, we have the Full Moon at 4 Degrees Scorpio, which is a volatile and potent mix amongst all of this Aries and Taurus energy. We normally do not have the Full Moon in Scorpio until May, balanced out by Taurus transits. It is here we come to the final illumination of all that has been hidden. All darkness comes to light now, and we are no longer afraid to face it.

On April 25th, Mercury will go direct at 15 degrees Aries, making another pass over Chiron and the North Node. We will be integrating more divine messages from our Higher Self and revisiting any remaining pieces of the puzzle for our new roles and missions.

On April 29th, Venus will enter Taurus, and the feminine warrior energy will now be grounded in and balanced with the earthly goddess. Venus is the ruler of Taurus, so this is a beautiful time to ENJOY our manifestations and play with the abundance we have created.

Finally, on April 30th, Mars will exit Pisces and enter Aries. Now that the Aries archetype has been firmly established and balanced, it is safe for the divine masculine to begin his integration in his home sign. Having both the feminine (Venus) and masculine (Mars) in their home sign, tells me that balanced harmonics and true healing is occurring between these polarities. This also sets us up for a perfect start to May, as our new selves, wholly and completely.

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