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Happy Jupiter in Gemini everyone ! Jupiter is our cosmic Mother and her role is that of the EXPANDER. As the feminine essence of our cosmos, Jupiter expands upon everything that she touches. She is the embodiment of faith, blessings, miracles, synchronistic events, and spiritual growth. She also magnifies what is out of sync with the whole, highlighting areas within our consciousness that must expand past their limits and find growth outside the comfort zone. Jupiter transits each sign for 12 months, and we can often see how she creates one year cycles for us within each transit. 


Since May of 2023, Jupiter has been transiting the sign of Taurus, the ruler of Mother Earth. This past year we have been heavily focusing on expanding outside our comfort zones within Taurus, and finding our faith in this sign. Taurus is a sign that struggles with comfort zones the most, as Taurus likes consistency, routine and solid foundations. The beauty and blessings of Taurus are stability, prosperity, abundance and the pure enjoyment of the physical experience. Taurus engages us with the 5 senses and asks us to slow down and to smell the roses along the way. There is no rush to the destination, but enjoying the process is all that matters. However, Taurus can struggle with the shadows of greed, materialism, ownership, fear of lack, stubbornness and refusal to change. 


Throughout the last year, we have had this magnified within the collective and all of the domiciles in which Taurus rules: land, real estate, food, money, resources, the financial system, our physical bodies, and our belongings. During this transit we saw the beauty of these things expand-we became more grateful for what we have, solidifying our internal state of abundance and prosperity. We learned to slow down and simply enjoy the moment. Many may have felt the call to buckle down and get consistent and disciplined on their goals, while also focusing on the health of their body and life. We also saw the limitations and shadows of this sign on display-growing wealth disparity amongst the collective, survival and poverty consciousness, an addiction to “owning” things, and a complete disregard for how our actions are effecting the Earth. 


As Jupiter wraps up her transit of this sign, it is important to reflect upon what we have learned this last year. We were meant to change our perspective on what abundance truly looks like. We also changed our value systems over the last year, prioritizing our value of our time, effort and what we are worth. Whatever foundations we built during this transit are destined to thrive, and all foundations that were not built upon the solid values of love, faith, and spirit, are destined to fall. 


Now, Jupiter has entered Gemini, the ruler of our mental bodies. We are shifting gears over the next year and we will now see Jupiter’s magnifying glass hover over the domiciles of Gemini: information, learning, social connection, multidimensional gifts + skills, media, journalism, communication, travel, and the way we use our divine intelligence. Jupiter is now asking us to expand in the use of our gifts and skills, to go outside the comfort zone with them and dive into new areas. We will feel the urge to learn and share more, as the spread of information and knowledge will now be rapid fire. Gemini is also a fun-loving and light hearted sign and we will need to embody this lightness, not clinging to anything too tightly-especially opinions, information or beliefs. It is time to have more laughter, more social connection and to learn how to be adaptable to change. Most importantly, we will be seeing the explosion of the EGO programmed mind, as this old operating system can no longer function and is no longer useful. We are now downloading our new operating system, which is run by divine intelligence, joy, intuition, and connection. During the month of June, we will be focusing on activating and integrating this new operating system through the light body (I will share more on this soon).


All eyes will be on the Media this coming year, as it becomes more and more obvious how deceptive and manipulative our sources of information have become. Jupiter in Gemini will be calling for HIGHER CONSCIOUSNESS information, not information of the mind. There will likely be many disclosures or releases of information that were previously held from the collective, and all will be questioning where they learn their information from. Debates, arguments and conflicts will be on the rise as the EGO desperately seeks to keep a hold of control. 


This is the year for 5D Media to make its entrance. 



For those who are unaware, Hope and I have been hosting our own 5D News Show for the past 3 years. Previous to that we did daily Live News Updates for years, where we shared all energetic + physical news updates affecting the collective. We absolutely loved connecting with everyone around the world and sharing our lives with you. We have connected with so many people who have become our soul family and we are forever grateful for that experience.


However, we had reached a point where we were constantly being censored for our work and we lost many of our platforms due to speaking the truth. In 2021 we decided to move our show to a subscription based platform in order to allow ourselves full space to share truth and to speak openly without censorship! Our uncensored disclosure show covers every topic from Politics, to International News, to Social & Economic issues, Spirituality, God, Disclosure, Collective Consciousness, Ascension updates, and more. Our dream has always been to provide the full, whole truth, completely uncensored. Our mission is to bring disclosure, as well as joy, laughter & transformation. 


Hope and I have a passion and a love for sharing information and to do so in a way that is authentic to us. We laugh, we joke and we give you the pure, whole truth. We are currently in the 10th Season of our Daily Disclosure Show and are now premiering our Season 3 of our newest Series, Written in the Stars. Previous to that, we hosted 7 Seasons of our Truth & Triggers Series in which we dove into the spiritual and energetic perspectives of global events, the ascension, hot topics, pop culture, etc. 


As we now begin Season 3 of our new Written in the Stars Series, we have placed a focus on covering global + collective events, while also sharing how these intertwine with the various Astrological, Human Design, and energetic transits. I have been studying Astrology for over a decade and Hope has been studying Human Design for over 5 years. We love to talk and share our passion and wisdom on these modalities, to give more in-depth and higher consciousness understandings of what is unfolding in our world. As we progress in this Ascension process, we are all becoming more and more connected to Cosmic and Universal Energy. By understanding not only your own personal energetic blueprint, but also what energies the cosmos are bringing to us, we are able to see the higher perspective in all that is playing out on the global stage. 


We are the first 5D News Show on the Planet and we are excited to continue pursuing our dream of bringing higher consciousness media to the world. We are also excited to see 5D media as the new growing industry ! For those that are looking for truth in media, as well as some comedic relief from the intensity of this ascension, we invite you to subscribe to our Daily Disclosure Show. 


For $11.11 a month, you gain access to over 300 pre-recorded episodes of our past 10 Seasons, as well as new weekly episodes! 


For those that wish to join our telegram channel for discussions & questions on our episodes, please feel free to join our Chat:


Thank you to everyone that supports us, as you help us continue to follow our passions and serve the greater good. We love you & are endlessly greatful to you all!




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