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June Astrology Report: Magical June

Happy June to our Astrology Family ! Wow… what a month May was. It is sometimes hard to reflect on all that has happened in a month’s time, as it feels like time is no longer real and so much is happening simultaneously. Cosmically, April and May were whirlwind energies with so much change, so many catalysts, we haven’t really had a moment to gain our footing. Yet, here we are entering June, a Universal 5 month. We are in for a lot more change to come still, and I feel we are learning how to rapidly adjust and embrace the constant change without resisting it. 

“It’s time to have fun” is the message that has come through from the Galactics for me the past few weeks. And I agree, it is time to have some fucking fun. Everything has felt so serious the past few years, yet all was necessary and perfect as it was because we truly needed to dig deep and fulfill our first missions. We needed to be disciplined, responsible, and do what we needed to do. However, now it feels like we have crossed some sort of threshold and we didn’t have a moment to notice it. We passed the sign that said “You made it”, and we ignored it and just kept on trucking. We have made it, we are here at the precipice of the NEW and all we have to do is stop, open our hearts and our eyes and starting living it. 

The first week of June is cosmically quiet, but we are anticipating some more influxes of Solar Flares, Geomagnetic Storms, and CME’s. Space Weather reporters are saying that between June 1st-June 4th we may have another wave of Auroras lighting up the skies and our bodies with high frequency solar energy. On June 2nd, Jupiter in Gemini will create a perfect trine to Pluto in Aquarius, signaling that the new Quantum Operating System is now ONLINE. The Quantum Operating System is based on heart technology and now overriding the old operating system which was based on the EGO mind. June is the month of Light Body Activations + Integrations. While Jupiter in Gemini is re-wiring our nervous systems and brains, Pluto in Aquarius is re-wiring our consciousness and DNA.

The 6/6 Portal will be a huge cosmic event this year! The 6/6 represents the lovers, carrying Aries/Libra energy and union between the masculine and feminine polarities. We are being recalibrated under the new operating system that is being anchored in from Jupiter in Gemini. On the 6/6 Portal we will also celebrate the New Moon in Gemini at 16 Degrees! The Sun, Venus, Jupiter and Mercury will also be in Gemini and boy this is one going to be fun. This is all about learning to play again, to be spontaneous, fun loving and light hearted. It is a time of celebration and embracing the surprises of life. As a side note, Mercury is the ancient ruler of Gemini, and teaches us how to master our mental bodies through curiosity, exploration and communication. In esoteric astrology, the higher octave ruler of Gemini is Venus, showing us the progression from the mind to the heart, which is what we will be experiencing this Gemini Season.

On June 9th, Mars will exit Aries and enter Taurus. This will cause a bit of a slow down in our masculine energy, as we shift from fast paced Doing to enjoying the moment. This is a beautiful grounding energy to help center all of this air. We may be a bit more methodical in our decisions or taking our time, and we will also be getting back in tune with our bodies for some much needed self care and enjoyment. 

On June 17th, both Venus and Mercury will enter Cancer together. This is a large shift in our mental and creative focuses. With all of the rapid upgrades and adjustments we will be making in the first two weeks, this signals the shift back into our hearts, our homes, and what nurtures us on a soul level. This will be the time for spending moments with who and what you love. Take some time out to rest, relax, and nurture yourself with love and compassion. This will be a heart-opening week as we begin deeply feeling the new sense of joy and peace that we are cultivating. 

On June 21st, we will celebrate the Summer Solstice, officially beginning the Season of optimism, joy, expansion, fun, movement, celebration and connection. The Summer Solstice is the day of the most Light, and our Light Body Integration will be completing that day for many. Synchronistically, we have a Full Moon in Capricorn that day @ 1 Degrees. The Cosmos are telling us that it is the final release and letting go of the old, rigid paradigm. The shadow Capricorn systems are now longer in resonance with us, and we release them back to the light. On a side note, the Cosmos are giving us clear timeline indications with these celestial events. One month after the Full Moon in Capricorn @ 1 Degrees, we will have ANOTHER Full Moon in Capricorn @ 29 Degrees on July 21st. In that 30 day period, we are releasing the entire spectrum of shadows in Capricorn beginning with the 1st degree and ending on the critical 29th degree. 

On June 29th, Saturn will begin his retrograde @ 19 Degrees Pisces, taking us back into ourselves to find any remaining pieces within that have not fully surrendered to Divine Will. We are no longer operating under Self Will nor linear time. We are under divine timing and Saturn will make sure we understand that. We must let go of all rigid disciplines or limiting beliefs about what it means to be “spiritual” or “enlightened.” The New Operating System will not allow us to be in robotic patterns or behaviors any longer. Even on the spiritual path, we cannot become so chained to our practices and schedules that we forget we are spontaneous beings of God. We are fractals of Source and we follow no set pattern or routine. We are creative geniuses and in order to embody that, we must start breaking all of the rules. 

As we come into our Light Bodies this month, filled with heart openings and joy filled embodiment, we embrace the new energy with excitement and also compassion for ourselves during this process. This is not about perfection, or “getting it right”, it is about being so in love with who you are, that you share that love with the world. We have passed the point of talking about it, thinking about it, or planning it. It is now time that we LIVE IT.

I have been doing research and preparing some helpful information on Quantum Health + Wellness, which will be based on our new Light Body Blueprints. Our astrological blueprints show us our unique template and how to sustain it with health and vitality. Based on your Natal + Progressive Chart, we can see the highest and best tools and practices for your health and wellness. If you have been struggling with feeling joy, radiance, peace and overall physical and emotional wellness, you may need to adjust your practices based on your Light Body Blueprint. 

If you are guided to learn more about your Light Body Blueprint, I am now doing these readings as part of my Custom Astrology Sessions. We will look at both the Natal + Progressive Charts together, and I will channel through your health and wellness blueprint, including guidance for nutrition, emotional processing, self-love/self-care, and movement practices to keep the body in its full vitality. If you are guided to receive one of these readings, please book below:



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