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Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Taurus: The Final Chapter

By: Archeia Aurora

We are now fast approaching the final eclipse of 2023. On October 28th, 2023 we will have a Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Taurus, closing out the Eclipse cycle from February of 2022-July of 2023. There is so much to say about this Eclipse, and yet there is so much that is unknown. All I can say is that we have reached some Grand Finale of sorts, you can feel it in the air. The old no longer exists.

Let’s look at the major energies involved in this Eclipse. First of all, let’s explore the archetype of Taurus. Taurus is the ruler of Mother Earth. She is the Empress; self-sustainable, grounded, practical, + limitlessly abundant. Taurus is where we get conscious manifestation. We place an intention + we take small steps toward our dream. Little by little, we build upon the foundation of that intention, and we start to see the seeds sprout and finally bloom into the bounty. Now, with any sort of Lunar Eclipse, we are closing out a cycle of sorts, reaching the big ending. I believe here we are reaching the end of any shadows of Taurus that we can no longer embody. This would include greed, disrespect for the Earth, clinging to comfort zones, stubborn refusal to grow, and a superficial perspective that only sees through the lense of the tangible and material world. With Taurus, we are limited to the 5 senses, which is less than 1% of all energy in existence.

This Moon is loosely conjunct Jupiter in Taurus at 11 Degrees, and there is still activation happening from Uranus at 21 Degrees as well. Jupiter in Taurus is blessing us with the tangible rewards and abundance from all of our hard work that occurred during the North Node Taurus cycle. We were patient, determined, and focused. Whatever seeds we planted from February of 2022 to the present, are now beginning to bloom. All will reap what they have sown. Uranus is not making any major aspects to this Moon but his presence is still felt. He is ready to shake things up, to throw a lightening bolt into the hardened and densest parts that refuse to budge, refuse to change and evolve. This will specifically be apparent in the realms of abundance, the financial system, land, housing/real estate, food, sustainability, and the material world.

This Moon will also be opposing the Sun, Mercury + Mars in Scorpio. This is almost a dangerous combination, yet we are quite ready for the danger. If Taurus is where we get conscious manifestation, Scorpio is where we get unconscious manifestation. What is hidden, suppressed, ignored or denied becomes reality. Our fears haunt us, or wounds chase us. We cannot escape it, but all we must do is face it. See, Taurus clings to what is known because it can navigate and work with what it knows. However, Taurus often refuses or is blinded by what must change. If we keep doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result, that is insanity. The Scorpio Stellium is revealing this insanity for all to see. Scorpio’s archetype seeks to dive deep under the surface and explore the Unknown, which makes its sister sign of Taurus quite uncomfortable. Scorpio thrives in discovering and exploring what has been hidden, lost, covered up, suppressed or shunned. I view Scorpio’s archetype as “Resurrection” because it will quite literally resurrect what “died” or been buried. It brings all the skeletons out of the closet that everyone thought was long gone….

All cards are being put on the table under the Eclipse. We can no longer hide from what is uncomfortable, unknown, triggering or painful. Humanity is sick from the poison of illusion that has been fed to them for 27,000 years. The medicine lies in whole truth, full disclosure. Awareness transforms into consciousness, something Scorpio understands deeply. Without shining a light into every crevice of darkness, we can never move forward and we can never heal. I anticipate this Eclipse to be something of a twilight zone energy. Much of Humanity’s unconsciousness will now be made manifest for them to see-face to face.

The Scorpio stellium is resurrecting the bones that have been buried, but also resurrecting the Spirit of the Great Mother. Mother Earth has freed herself and is returning to Source. Those who have stood by Her as guardians, protectors, allies and friends will now receive the bounty of the Earth. Many speak of the time of Revelations when the meek shall inherit the Earth. I believe these time are upon us.

With all of this very intense energy that feels like such finality, we also have this energy of magic and miracles that can be felt just beneath the surface. Both Saturn + Neptune are in Pisces, the Cosmic Weaving of Dreams into Reality. Neptune has been transiting Pisces since 2011, where she began dissolving the barriers between illusions and reality. Nothing has felt quite real since then, as we are watching many Movies play out at once. Saturn’s transit in Pisces has been shattering illusions, breaking the 4th wall. He has been retrograde from months now and has returned back to the potent 0 Degree of Pisces, where he will stay before moving direct on November 4th, 2023. Saturn has been re-writing the cosmic script during his retrograde. Timelines kept replaying, almost on a loop. It seemed never ending. Saturn has now brought us back to the beginning of the end. We had to get the final scene, the final script down perfectly before we debut the Final Show.

Pluto is moving forward at 27 Degrees Capricorn, taking us through the eye of the needle on the path to freedom. These critical degrees of Capricorn are the final uprooting and dissolving of the enslavement paradigm. The control, false authority and oppression that has been instilled into our DNA. As we go through this eye of the needle, everything is getting dense, heavy, and viscerally painful. There is no light at the moment, all seems very dark. There is no guiding light, there is only our deep and unwavering trust in ourselves, the work we have done, + Source herself. We are taking one step in front of the other, following our heart’s compass. As soon as Pluto moves into Aquarius in January of 2024, we will exit the eye of the needle, break the glass ceiling and will burst into the Age of Aquarius. The new paradigm.

Currently, Pluto is doing deep surgery and reconstruction on the Root Chakra + the Spleen. The Root Chakra was the most attacked on Humanity, enslaving us into fight or flight and survival. This was so detrimental to the human vessels, as our natural ability to trust, be present in the moment of now, was lost. We became robotic, rigid and easily controlled through fear and lack. We were enslaved into a very unevolved and animalistic state. This also poisoned the Spleen, which is connected to the Root Chakra. The Spleen governs our instincts, which is a perfect combination of intuition and trust. In metaphysics, the spleen is the source of Life Force Energy and provides energy for all other organs. It feeds the physical, emotional and mental body at all levels. The Spleen also keeps us healthy and is the ruler of our immune system. As this organ was hijacked and poisoned by fear, it drained all of our life force energy and weakened our physical and spiritual immune systems. We became weak, exhausted, sick and apathetic.

There is some difference of perspectives as to what medical astrology sign connects to the spleen, but personally I feel it is Aries. Saturn connects to the Root Chakra (hence the Capricorn association), as this is what grounds us into this reality. We have to have inner strength, trust, discipline and consistency in order to have a healthy root. We also must be responsible for our own personal energy and choices. The Spleen has Mars energy, as the Spleen is about instinct and taking quick action, making in-the-moment decisions which requires that Root to be very grounded. When our Root/Spleen is damaged, we react to everything around us. We make impulsive decisions based on fear, anger, competition, lack, etc. We do not trust in ourselves or in the Universe around us which causes us to compete with others, power over others, steal, hoard, etc.

November is one of the most magical, unusual and interesting energies I have tapped into in a long time and I will write more on this later. However, I wanted to mention the upcoming November Advanced Etheric Surgery Seminar we will be hosting on November 4th, coinciding with Saturn’s direct motion in Pisces. During this Etheric Surgery, we will be going through the usual protocols of the Etheric Body Detox including implant removal, brain rewiring, chakra alignment, + density clearing. However, there will be a specific surgery also done on our Root Chakras + Spleens. This is a MASSIVE FEAR DETOX. The Galactics and Divine Mother have instructed that during the upcoming months, especially from November-January, we will need to be very rooted, grounded and in alignment with ourselves. There will be many plot twists, sudden events and timeline changes that will require us to follow our instincts. We will not have moments to plan, doubt, or procrastinate.

My feeling is that with the North Node currently in Aries + the South Node in Libra, we have been preparing for this major shift. The South Node in Libra is showing us we cannot make everyone happy, we cannot wait for the “perfect” conditions, we cannot procrastinate and most importantly-we cannot DOUBT ourselves. The North Node in Aries, whole ruler Mars is connected to the Spleen, is returning us to our true state of Divine Instinct and out of the old fight or flight. Many new timeline opportunities will be unfolding after the 11/11 Crystalline Timeline Activation and we will need to be ready to move, choose, and decide at a moment’s notice. Trust your preparation, trust your Higher Self, trust Source. We are ready for this.

For all those who are guided to join us for the Advanced Etheric Surgery Seminar, please RSVP here:

The Seminars will be recorded for those that cannot attend live !

Happy Full Moon Eclipse Everyone


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