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By Archeia Aurora

As many of you may be feeling the energy shift from November to December, we are observing and seeing a lot of physical, emotional and mental symptoms. November was energetic chaos as we closed out the Eclipse seasons from October and began settling into our “new normal” after the 11/11 Crystalline Timeline Activation. Since then, nothing has seemed normal, in fact, everything feels like it has been turned on it’s head. Deep layers of sadness, grief, fear and hopelessness have been surfacing for many in the collective, especially First Wavers.

Looking at the astrology of December I have to be honest in my feelings about it. It is heavy, and many of us will be feeling out of sorts as the Cosmos re-aligns us and our bodies adjust to the higher timeline. This month is a sacred passage as we pass through the Eye of the Needle which I have spoken about at length the past two months. Pluto’s transit through the final critical degrees of Capricorn is unearthing some of the densest and heaviest energies that are remaining in the collective consciousness. This is all in preparation for the beginning of a very new paradigm which will be a complete 180 from the current one.

Capricorn, in its shadow state, represents the patriarchy, capitalism, greed/profit over people, control, enslavement and hierarchy. Pluto has been on a double mission since 2008. His job was to assist in the collapse of these old + rigid systems, while also pushing us to free ourselves from the inside out. To dismantle the internal matrix system that we have been operating under. Saturn was the ancient ruler of BOTH Capricorn and Aquarius, so we will see similarities between the two archetypes. However, since Uranus’ discovery in 1781, and his modern rulership of Aquarius, this archetype has taken a drastic change in course.

Capricorn is the master of systems and structures. He provides us with the divine traits of discipline, consistency, integrity, and inner strength. Capricorn teaches us to never give up in the face of challenges, but to persevere and stay aligned with Universal Laws. Capricorn holds steady to what is true and correct, and can overcome any obstacles in it’s path. Through his inititations, we learn how to be responsible with our powers and to stand in full accountability as sovereign beings. Aquarius, on the other hand, is a natural rebel. Aquarius does not like rules and structure, instead, Aquarius is about PARADIGMS rather than systems. It is no wonder this archetype is leading us into the New Paradigm, the Age of Aquarius.

As Pluto prepares to shift into Aquarius on January 20th, 2024, Pluto is evolutionizing into his new role of the activator. His death/rebirth archetype is still at play, but now he is embracing his role as an activator and catalyzer. Aquarius embraces the motto of “no rules”, whereas Capricorn loves rules and guidelines. 2024 carries the motto, “truth is stranger than fiction.” Aquarius has themes surrounding full truth, authenticity, “weirdness”, technology, and out of this world type of phenomenon.

Throughout the month of December, the cosmos are fully supporting us in this sacred passage as we fully release all that is remaining of this old paradigm. We are collectively grieving the 27,000 year enslavement cycle. The fog is thick, but we are moving through it, following the lighthouses of our hearts through the darkness. It is always darkness before the dawn, and by the end of the month, the light will once again be dawning a new day.

On December 1st, we had Mercury exit Sagittarius and enter Capricorn. Our thought systems once again are returning to the focuses of Capricorn: where are we heading? What we we focused on? We must be very disciplined with our mental body during this transit, as lower thoughts may come up for release. Mercury will then go retrograde on December 13th, and we will be mentally reviewing where we have been out of integrity with ourselves. Are we giving up? Are we abandoning ourselves? Are we mentally exhausted? I feel this Mercury retrograde is a great time to take a break and focus on mental wellness and rest, rather than “doing.” Many divine downloads on our new life missions will also be coming through.

On December 4th, Venus will enter Scorpio after her tour of her home sign in Libra. Her transit in Libra was not the usual light-hearted fun and socializing, as she was being aspected by the South Node. Karmic relationships came to a close and many of us had to face head on where we were out of balance with others. In Scorpio, Venus will be taking us on another tour of pain body release, as our inner feminine is grieving the pain and suffering she has endured on this planet. Take the time to journal, cry, release, and also allow your inner feminine to rebirth from the ashes. Old pain becomes new power. The power to heal all pain and darkness back into love.

On December 6th, we will finally have Neptune moving direct in Pisces! We have been deeply under the Neptunian fog for the past 5 months, as her retrograde brought us all in to a deep state of surrender. There was confusion in the air and we were not able to see things clearly. However, we did learn the art of surrender, trust and forgiveness. We embodied more compassion and empathy and truly brought our deepest dreams to the forefront. Now, Neptune will be moving forward and the fog will be clearing. Clarity will come, and will also reveal some mysteries that were previously unknown. Remember, both Neptune and Pisces deal with pure energy, and this transit has brought many mysterious illnesses and symptoms up for our own inner healing. Protecting your aura and energy field will be priority now.

On the 12/12 Portal we will have a fiery New Moon in Sagittarius which should raise our spirits ! Sag season has not felt as fun and jovial as normal, due to the intensity of the transits. This New Moon is focusing on our new path of inner truth and living in our truth despite all rejection and judgment. We must have faith above all else, and never lose sight of the Universal support we are being given. We are beginning a new Hero's Journey, and this time, we are on the final trek home into the light.

On December 21st, we will welcome the Winter Solstice, a period of deep rest and release as the remaining grief comes to the surface. The day after Christmas, December 26th, we will have a Full Moon in Cancer just as Chiron stations direct in Aries. We are releasing huge mother wounds on this day. All wounds around not feeling loved, accepted, and nurtured will be brought up for release, as Chiron moves forward allowing us to finally stand in our own sovereignty. We are ready to BE the leaders. We are the ones we have been waiting for, and we are no longer looking for external saviors.

Finally, the day before New Year’s Eve, December 30th, Jupiter will move direct in Taurus. Since May, the planet of blessings and abundance has been moving through Taurus the sign of abundance and prosperity ! However, due to its retrograde we have not seen much outer prosperity, but instead we were called inward to cultivate true abundance internally. We had to truly value ourselves and raise our frequency to that of worthiness. Now, as Jupiter moves direct, we are ending the year with many surprise blessings. A beautiful end to 2023.


We are almost to the finish line ! For those guided to join us in our monthly Etheric Surgery Seminar, we will be hosting in on the 12/12 Portal with a full etheric body detox + a special focus on the releasing of grief and unprocessed emotions from the body. RSVP:


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