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The Oracle Report: 10/5/22: An Eruptive Initiation

October is always a month where we start to slow down. We become more reflective and we are focusing more on reaping our harvest & our bounty, enjoying all of the lessons and blessings we have received this year. October is a huge month of integration and re-sets. September brought a flood of purging and cleansing energy that closed many doors for us, yet opened others. This month, we are all being tested on our EMBODIMENT which is our mastery.

This week reaches a culmination point, with the Full Moon in Aries conjunct Chiron, the wounded healer. This is a huge purging for the divine masculine energy on the planet. All lower expressions of Aries are getting cleared such as war, violence, domination, arrogance, competition etc., and making way for the true Divine Masculine energies of courage, honor, integrity, accountability, and inner strength.

This Full Moon is going to bring up massive amounts of unhealed and unprocessed wounding around this lower masculine energy. Pluto is going direct in Capricorn the day prior, bringing a rush of death and rebirth energies into our collective consciousness. This will be heavily testing us on our ability to EMBODY love. This Full Moon sits opposite both the Sun & Venus in Libra, beckoning us to bring harmony, peace, beauty and balance to our lives.

A volcano of energy is now ready to be released, to clear the planet and the consciousness of all timelines of catastrophe, war, death, & destruction. Through this release, a new timeline opens up, the path of love leading us straight home to the balanced harmonics of Creation-the return of the true harmonics of divine masculine and feminine energy. This leads us straight into Eclipse Season where our foundations will once again experience a collapse and renewal.

From Kim Gould: “Along with the Sun and Venus in Gate 48 we also find Vulcan (volcanic explosions) and Pele (volcanic explosions). Can you see the pattern? Saturn, which rigidly blocks until it can't hold the new energies in for one more moment and explodes, is moving into the Gate of Secrets (13) with Tantalus (desires that seem to elude us, taunt us) in the Gate of Retreat (33).

On 9 October Mars moves into the Gate of Blockages (12) and moves the stuck energy. This gate shifts the shame we have felt at not being the person we feel we should be. Not being able to create the lives we dreamed of, the experiences we longed for, the success we worked so hard for. Rather than striving even harder for some elusive perfection, we can just stop. Put our Mars energy into noticing our lives as they are, looking for pockets of joy, moments of delight.

Which brings me to this week's Full Moon in the Gate of Penetration (57) and the Gate of Shock (51) on 9 October. This is a big deal, with Jupiter in the Gate of Innocence (25). It's drawing you out into a whole new world. You can disentangle from what no longer delights you. Spend time alone if that suits you right now. Go to your own source, find your deepest roots. Shake out those cobwebs and find your most imperfect self. You are losing what you no longer need and gaining something much greater. If it is initiated by shock (gate 51) that's just as it needs to be to shift the energy. Move with it rather than resist it.”

Since Gate/Gene Key 51 will be a major theme of the upcoming Full Moon, below are some excerpts on Gene Key 51 from Richard Rudd’s book The 64 Ways. It explains in more detail the energies we will be transforming collectively this week. Gene Key 51 carries the energy of initiation with it, which hints to us that through this Full Moon energy we will be experiencing a collective invitation of some sorts, however that may look.

“The Transformational Way of the 51st Gene Key moves from Agitation to Awakening, and it's the Way of Initiative.

Shadow: Agitation

Until we begin to look within we never realize the depth of our agitation. It's like when people first begin to meditate, it's such a shock. It's not like we close our eyes and find it easy, peaceful and calm inside. Usually we suddenly realize the terrible truth about how screwed up we are and how crazed our mind is, leaping from one thing to the next, never giving us a break. If we're brave enough to stay with the process and explore deeper, we'll find the same frequency extends into our emotional system. After some time, we'll hit these inner walls of anxiety and fear. We don't even know what they are; they seem to be so primal in origin.

Our agitation runs deep, and it's a tangled web. It takes some courage to plumb the depths of our discomfort. This is where the Gene Keys really begin. The 51st Gene Key is part of the Codon Ring of Humanity, and this inner darkness is a part of our humanity that we have to explore.

One of the keys to help us understand this Gene Key lies in the Dilemma of this Shadow, the Dilemma of Harshness. When we face discomfort, this tends to be our immediate pattern - to meet it with harshness. At the Shadow level, we do one of two things - we either turn and run, distracting ourselves and diving back into our denial in some way, thus repressing the pattern. Or we try and correct and fix the pattern. We tense up and start trying to resolve it.

We're like this, because we tend to take the harsh approach. However, this Gene Key will teach us how to turn these Shadows to our advantage instead of being their victim. There are two ways through this Dilemma - we wait it out, sit and watch the pattern, like vipassana meditation, and observe ourself observing it.

The other approach, and it's the core of this process with the 51st Gene Key, is to use creativity. We use the energy and direct it outwardly in a creative direction.

Let’s look at this Shadow in relationships. Relationships also play out the agitation, Two wounded human beings come together and fall in love. Let's say they get married. Once the honeymoon period is over, the chemistry of the underlying agitation will come to the surface. Because of its deep-rootedness it will always surface, and now we have two states of agitation interacting. What it takes to ride this wave and stay together through the process! If we haven't some experience with meeting this state inside ourself, we don't really stand much chance when it arises, because we just project it onto the other person. We blame them, they blame us, and we know the mess that causes.

It's all because we most often resort to harshness. We snap at each other and then blame ourselves. We feel bad because we've been harsh, and then we propagate the harshness inside ourselves and the relationship. Most people never really stood a chance in the first place. Incarnation on this planet is quite a trip. We’re not taught these basics.

I’d like us to know that there's great hope coming to our species. I don't say this to make us dream of a new world or to take our awareness away from our discomfort, but as a counterforce to the Shadow. Behind our agitation lies a huge energy of great potential and light. It's as though our entire solar system has been moving through a long period of galactic eclipse. As we move out of eclipse, for the first time in millennia the light of the galactic core is coming back into view. The light from that core is already starting to stream back into our consciousness, and it’s driving a new inner revolution. We can see this as a metaphor, but it’s also true. It's what is happening externally and internally right now.

Externally, this will take hundreds, even thousands of years as the eclipse reveals the true light behind the new form. Internally it can be instantaneous, depending on how we approach the Shadow. We must watch ourself carefully and beware of our tendency towards harshness. At times of intense change the quality most needed is gentleness.

Gift: Initiation

The Gift is the way, the path. It's the neck of the hourglass. It's a narrow path, our path through our suffering. It's utterly unique and it’s our path because it's virgin, untrodden. It heads out into the wilderness of the inner planes. Guides can sometimes be a distraction, and it's tricky to walk our own path because there are so many unconscious influences. That's why this Gift is called the Gift of Initiative. Every Gift has this same urge to break new ground. Every Gift is inherently creative and original, so how can we follow another? What about the words of the Buddha for example, or any other great teacher, the great indicators of Truth? Can't we follow them? Can we trust the paths of others? Well, yes and no. They can be an inspiration and provide impetus. They can encourage and enthuse us, but can they lead us? I would say no. No external teacher can indicate the way for us. That's what the Gift of Initiative is about. It's about having the courage to trust in the direction of our own feet and It's about how we deepen that trust.

What about teachings like the Gene Keys, do they offer us a path? They don't really. They lay out the whole matrix… They simply offer us a mirror. That's what the master is. He or she is a mirror of Truth, but they can't direct us. They can only encourage us to find our own way.

The 51st Gift is a great invitation to each of us, and its Programming Partner is the 57th Gift of Intuition. Only our intuition can show us the way forward, and intuition requires subtlety and softness. We can't fall victim to the harshness. We have to have courage and practice following our intuition. There will be many mistakes when we don't.

The mind wants the security of a defined path. It wants a fixed teaching and technique. The Gene Keys don't really give us that - no trainings, no teachers, not even me, I'm just a fellow traveller. Even contemplation is hard to define; the Tao can't be defined. There are indicators though, and gentleness is a great indicator.

What the 51st Gift does is asks us to approach difficulties with creativity. Instead of giving in to harshness and propagating the agitation further, we create our way out of the situation… I want to urge us to just try this in our lives. Go inside yourself, locate a problem in your life, and find a source of agitation. It won't take long; we all have them! Instead of worrying about it, lean into it with softness. Trust it. Feel the energy of it. Let it flood your DNA and listen to it. We can then allow our intuition to penetrate the problem. We can be creative and allow possible solutions to emerge. One of the things we'll notice is that it's usually the way we've been thinking about it that's the problem. Now we can find a new way of thinking about it, letting our intuition guide us. We can soften into it and let it glide past us. What does your life feel like without this problem?

It’s a process. The Gift is all about transformation, the transformational field. It's alive. It’s wonderful. It's alchemy. It's also a knack. We have to take the initiative.

The definition of being a victim is someone who doesn’t take the initiative. As long as we take the initiative, the energy moves. It has to. The external may not change so much, that may take a bit longer, but the internal completely changes. That's how we deal with the Shadow. This 51st Gift is the key to Awakening,. Is a knack. It’s the root of genius. That’s what initiative is its genius. Creative thinking, creative acting, creativity at every level.

No use looking outside for an answer. Look inside. The depth of beauty and originality we'll find is infinite and astonishing.

Siddhi: Awakening

Every Gift in the spectrum of consciousness is a Gift of Initiative, of Creativity. They all lead us out of or through the Shadow. They take the energy of the Shadow and make it work for us. I like this word 'initiative’, because it hides another word inside itself, initiation! The 51st Siddhi and in fact every Siddhi is about the secrets of initiation.

At certain points in our journey we move through ‘initiations’-periods of intensity in which we undergo huge transmutations. True initiation is not something that can be predicted or ritualized. It is a natural part of life itself as it evolves. Neither does it require any learning or religious or spiritual affiliation. True initiation is a rare process that one always undergoes alone. The great Initiations are upsurges in the frequency of our subtle bodies, and when we pass through them, they are often dramatic and challenging to integrate into our lives.

No one knows when an awakening or initiation will sweep through our being. It's always a shock, and this 51st Gene Key is a thunderbolt. In the Tibetan tradition, initiation is symbolized in the symbol of the vajra, a kind of sceptre that the initiate holds in his or her hand which represents permanent and indestructible change. What is the quality most needed in order for us to move through one of these portals - love, truth, or wisdom? I would say yes to all of these, but even more I would say gentleness and softness.

We find this insight in the Programming Partner of the 57th Gene Key. The 51 is the shock of thunder, while the 57 is the softness of the flowing wind. To meet thunder we need to be soft. We need to be pliant and yielding.

Awakening is really a series of softenings. Our awareness becomes more one-pointed, but our heart and mind becomes softer and more open. Whenever we're confronted with harshness, the unexpected, noise, turbulence, and the thunder of life, instead of tensing up, we need to relax and open, soften and become milder. Mildness is the essential quality needed to allow spiritual initiation. In fact, as we become more yielding, so our consciousness expands to encompass wider and wider vistas and possibilities. It's a beautiful paradox, as every Siddhi is. We need never be afraid of initiation or awakening. We have only to let it in, and that requires we cultivate this inner quality of spaciousness, softness, and trust. Then, and only then, the miracle can occur.”


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